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Wall Street bailouts for Haiti, anyone?

Haiti. <Sigh.> Horror of horrors indeed. And yet it’s humbling moments like this that seem to unify us as a nation and bring out the best in us (well, most of us). Despite the recessionary environment, pledges of food, supplies, and money keep pouring in—from celebrities, companies, and citizens alike—across the country and globe to provide Haiti with the help its residents most desperately need. George Clooney, naturally, is co-producing the Hope for Haiti telethon, (co-hosted with Wyclef… read more »

Walk in Clooney’s shoes

Brand Girl almost acquired (and we all know almost doesn’t count), as part of her empire, one pair of shoes worn by George Clooney in a commercial photo shoot. They’re white, they’re Salavatore Ferragamo, and they’ve supposedly graced the soles of George, the high-water mark by which all men are measured. But no, those feet pictured are not Clooney’s. Those dogs actually belong to a friend of mine, an ad boy who clearly was entertained… read more »