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Beautifully Rambling

It’s Monday. And I’m a rambling wonderful mess. I’m definitively #beautifullysick The last few days were pretty good for me. What made them good? Well… I was able to go to Equinox (the gym) four days in the row. Believe it or not… that’s progress for me. I’ve been out of the gym for over nine months. I’m finally feeling like I’m getting back to some sense of “stable”… recovering from the surgeries I have had in… read more »

Generation Self(ie): The Grievances of a Digital Immigrant

Today, everyone seems to consider themselves to be some sort of marketing guru, art director, photographer or all of the above. Now where is this extreme sense of self-importance and all encompassing talent coming from? Oh yeah, right (Insert emoticon: one clearly smacking itself in the head): It’s the almighty smart phone––along with the billion apps that help you “do it all”. Never has it been easier to be your own little brand ambassador. Personally,… read more »