How does an individual or Fortune 500 best utilize Brand Girl?

For starters, Brand Girl can assist your marketing team with brainstorming new design paradigms; negotiate branded entertainment; freshen current communications; corral both in-house and out-of-house resources; act as interim creative director; and serve as liaison between upper management and creative, presenting trends in the marketplace in terms the former group understands… got it?

As a creative strategist and brand catalyst, Brand Girl inspires and educates the best use of creative development in the brand context to improve well-being and prosperity. Through thoughtful guidance and coaching of your team, Brand Girl helps you to bring the brand platform alive within all aspects of your organization—with no lapse or gaps in interpretation of your messaging or its larger goals.

In the simplest terms, what does this mean? Brand Girl rolls up her sleeves and gets into the trenches with you to help manage your project load and team, frequently bridging any potentially problematic gaps. Together with Brand Girl, we can cast your brand in a leading role in the right entertainment projects for your target audiences. We can coach a fashion designer to finesse a pitch for a licensee deal with Target. We have the skills to help a powerhouse like Gillette maximize the marketing efforts of a film integration to play across all mediums. Overall, we give your creative team a safe, confidential, and inspiring place to brainstorm new ideas and get constructive feedback. Brand Girl pushes all players forward cohesively and without ego, taking things at face value and erasing any stray marks along the way.


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