Does Brand Girl do workshops?

Of course. Brand Girl shares her insights on consumer trends, empowerment, and “brandstorming” in a variety of ways, including presentations, workshops, and more informal settings. On the lighter side, live presentations can also be wrapped around The Book, Brand Girl: Lessons on Leadership, Love and The Media Universe (i.e., Strutting for Success). Brand Girl can share her insights with audiences on how they can learn to forge their own personal brands, whether through shopping at Target, using Apple computers, or eating Devil Dogs. Audiences will learn the “Solid Six” Brand Girl rules for personal branding, all of which were developed from real-life, sometimes hard-won, lessons from BG’s life—and which can help each and every person become his or her own best personal brand.

Brand Girl focuses on making these in-person sessions interactive, inspirational, and productive. It’s all about getting a strategic and creative infusion of new thinking to further your brand’s direction and motivations.


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