Are there advertising opps with Brand Girl?

Brand Girl is all about capturing and interpreting what’s going on in the branding zeitgeist. Consequently, she’s taking its temperature everywhere, appearing at conferences, corporate talks, and boardrooms, four-star, preferably! Why not be a part of an edgy branding phenomenon by sponsoring Brand Girl events? It could be a partnership made in branding heaven. So, what do you get with a sponsorship besides general brand panache and a warm feeling in your belly? Loads, my friend! Creative collaboration and integrated approaches are always encouraged, but right off the bat, your brand will have:

  • Prominent exposure on websites, at events, and in programs
  • Recognition in Live Wire, BG’s quarterly newsletter
  • Hundreds of top advertising and marketing eyes on your brand
  • Customized messaging, from banner ads to podcasts to dedicated episodes
  • Original story lines created around your brand.

The sky’s the limit! Brand Girl offers various levels of sponsorship, too, so no more commitment phobia! Let’s get hitched in a big or small way! Contact us and one of Brand Girl’s entourage will contact you shortly.

Brand Girl: Lessons on Leadership, Love and the Media Universe by Barbara Kwasnicki


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