Gwyneth Paltrow “nourishes” us?

Are you familiar with GOOP? It’s a newsletter put out by Academy Award-winning actress, Gwyenth Paltrow, in which she aims to share bits and pieces from her extraordinary life. “I have this incredible, lucky, unique life where I’ve gotten to travel all over the place and so I started to acquire all of this information. I thought this would be a fun, creative way to share it,” she says. That’s lovely indeed, just like Goop’s… read more »

M&M’s feed more than a craving

Who says that fashion, eco-friendliness, positive social change, and financial growth don’t mix? I was in the M&M’s Flagship shop in Times Square hunting for a trinket that would satisfy the insatiable appetite of a chocolate fanatic and was pleasantly surprised to find one that would feed more than a craving––Mitz handbags. Started back in 2003, Mitz is a cooperative in Mexico City that creates job opportunities for its community by transforming recycled plastics of… read more »

Tavi–she’s not your average tween

This style rookie has recently caught the attention of Rodarte and Target, and will apparently pen a column for Bazaar as in Harper’s––as in for adults. Is this a good thing?

The trouble with Tiger

The recent revelations of Tiger’s shenanigans have revealed a side of his brand persona that is a far cry from the one that has taken shape organically since he turned pro in 1996, the quintessentially American success story that won him the endorsements of many. His perceived image of strength, precision, and sportsmanship has earned multi-millions—through paid corporate sponsorships (with Gillette, Gatorade, and Nike, among many others) and private donations for his foundation. So the question is,… read more »

eBay “pops up” on 57th

The unobservant or incurious shopper could easily mistake eBay’s lavish storefront on 57th Street, parked next door to Bergdorf’s and a stone’s throw away from Apple on 5th, for its NYC corporate headquarters. However, this “pop-up” storefront—filled to the brim with personal shoppers, samples of eBay’s current inventory and spanking brand-new Apple iMac’s for your use—will help both buyer and seller through the online bidding experience. Part of a 12-city national tour, eBay’s successful pop-up retail venture is… read more »

Quaker… Sow boy sow!

Go Humans Go is the rallying cry from Quaker Oats new campaign. The endeavor represents the first time PepsiCo has marketed its entire whole grain product line underneath one centralized theme.  The campaign’s premise is to present oats as a super grain that helps humans harness internal power to do good for themselves, others and their communities. Not only is Quaker Oats a great staple for a healthy diet, it’s seemingly a healthy model for… read more »

If BG were a Brand Boy…

“If I were a boy, even just for a day, I roll out of bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go…”––from “If I were a boy,” a popular song by Beyonce (a.k.a. SASHA FIERCE). If Brand Girl were a Brand Boy, even for a day, she would roll out of bed in the morning and say what she wanted––and she’d be Jon Stewart. It doesn’t quite work as a pop-song… read more »

What would you do for a free cuppa’ joe?

Would you consider five hours of community service to support a local food bank? Or perhaps mentor a child (significant others don’t count!)? So Starbucks asks… are you in? With his boldly dressed lady at his side, the President proclaimed his tenure to be a “new era of responsibility” and a call to service for all U.S. citizens (and hello… denizens!) to “find meaning in something greater than themselves.” Perhaps it’s all that caffeine, but… read more »

Smoke and mirrors…

Or is it all branded entertainment? Whatta finish to 2008! This month alone, we’ve seen: Barack Obama choose churchman Rick Warren to give the inauguration invocation, which promptly sent Barney Frank and other diehard supporters into heartbreak Bernard Madoff, prominent trader and ahem… traitor, get caught for allegedly masterminding a $50 billion Ponzi scheme among A-listers, which also appears to have further unhinged yet more shaky ground in New York City’s real estate and financial… read more »

GM – Are they telling it like it is?

The boys are back! This week, the big three automakers are back in Washington jetless and armed with plans for round two of the bailout chronicles. Before heading to D.C., Ray Young, CFO of GM, made his case on GM’s Facts and Fiction (GM Tells It Like It Is) blog in a last-ditch effort to restore flagging confidence during this “credit crisis.” Welcome to the era of crisis management. Props to GM as they use… read more »