Frequently Asked Questions

How does an individual or Fortune 500 best utilize Brand Girl?

For starters, Brand Girl can assist your marketing team with brainstorming new design paradigms; negotiate branded entertainment; freshen current communications; corral both in-house and out-of-house resources; act as interim creative director; and serve as liaison between upper management and creative, presenting trends in the marketplace in terms the former group understands… got it?

As a creative strategist and brand catalyst, Brand Girl inspires and educates the best use of creative development in the brand context to improve well-being and prosperity. Through thoughtful guidance and coaching of your team, Brand Girl helps you to bring the brand platform alive within all aspects of your organization—with no lapse or gaps in interpretation of your messaging or its larger goals.

In the simplest terms, what does this mean? Brand Girl rolls up her sleeves and gets into the trenches with you to help manage your project load and team, frequently bridging any potentially problematic gaps. Together with Brand Girl, we can cast your brand in a leading role in the right entertainment projects for your target audiences. We can coach a fashion designer to finesse a pitch for a licensee deal with Target. We have the skills to help a powerhouse like Gillette maximize the marketing efforts of a film integration to play across all mediums. Overall, we give your creative team a safe, confidential, and inspiring place to brainstorm new ideas and get constructive feedback. Brand Girl pushes all players forward cohesively and without ego, taking things at face value and erasing any stray marks along the way.

Does Brand Girl do workshops?

Of course. Brand Girl shares her insights on consumer trends, empowerment, and “brandstorming” in a variety of ways, including presentations, workshops, and more informal settings. On the lighter side, live presentations can also be wrapped around The Book, Brand Girl: Lessons on Leadership, Love and The Media Universe (i.e., Strutting for Success). Brand Girl can share her insights with audiences on how they can learn to forge their own personal brands, whether through shopping at Target, using Apple computers, or eating Devil Dogs. Audiences will learn the “Solid Six” Brand Girl rules for personal branding, all of which were developed from real-life, sometimes hard-won, lessons from BG’s life—and which can help each and every person become his or her own best personal brand.

Brand Girl focuses on making these in-person sessions interactive, inspirational, and productive. It’s all about getting a strategic and creative infusion of new thinking to further your brand’s direction and motivations.

What’s the back story behind Brand Girl – the book?

Like all successful brands and ever-morphing marketing phenomena around the globe, Brand Girl began as one thing and has evolved: that’s just the way life—and branding—is! Now the voice of trends and marketing, Brand Girl’s original inspiration was as a television experiment in what was then a fledgling (now a young adolescent) industry called “branded entertainment.” It’s elevator pitch: “Sex and the City meets South Park.” Brand Girl would be animated, sassy, and delivered in shorts (segments, not Daisy Dukes—never! Unless they’re Nili Lotan, of course… ).

Meetings with “those that know better” helped transition Brand Girl into a more traditional sitcom—now she would be “Sex and the City meets Archie Bunker,” complete with pie-in-the-sky types rubbing elbows with salt-of-the-earth characters and bringing forth truisms about life—and about brands. But before that could happen, Brand Girl was told she needed a book to up the odds of getting a sitcom produced in L.A. So what happened? Brand Girl became a book… just in time for reality TV to conquer the world and bump sitcoms out of the lifeboat into the vast ocean of languishing brilliant ideas… Then there’s the producer who wanted—and sometimes still begs—Brand Girl to do a one-woman show of same said characters, citing success that could rival that of a Vagina Monologues-esque level. Who knows? Brand Girl and her cast of supporting characters might just crop up soon…

Her books, shows, and TV ideas are still simmering on the burner (Brand Girl + Multitasking = Always), but Brand Girl’s channeling Seth Godin more than Eve Ensler these days. She is back to what she loves: musing, shaping, commenting on and evolving brands––through all media channels… whether that means digitally, through entertainment or some other unusual but perfect-in-the-moment way…

Are there advertising opps with Brand Girl?

Brand Girl is all about capturing and interpreting what’s going on in the branding zeitgeist. Consequently, she’s taking its temperature everywhere, appearing at conferences, corporate talks, and boardrooms, four-star, preferably! Why not be a part of an edgy branding phenomenon by sponsoring Brand Girl events? It could be a partnership made in branding heaven. So, what do you get with a sponsorship besides general brand panache and a warm feeling in your belly? Loads, my friend! Creative collaboration and integrated approaches are always encouraged, but right off the bat, your brand will have:

  • Prominent exposure on websites, at events, and in programs
  • Recognition in Live Wire, BG’s quarterly newsletter
  • Hundreds of top advertising and marketing eyes on your brand
  • Customized messaging, from banner ads to podcasts to dedicated episodes
  • Original story lines created around your brand.

The sky’s the limit! Brand Girl offers various levels of sponsorship, too, so no more commitment phobia! Let’s get hitched in a big or small way! Contact us and one of Brand Girl’s entourage will contact you shortly.

Brand Girl: Lessons on Leadership, Love and the Media Universe by Barbara Kwasnicki