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Working with you on your path to greatness is Brand Girl doing what she loves:

musing, shaping, commenting on, and evolving brands via all media channels–through digital platforms, entertainment, or other unusual but perfect-in-the-moment ways. Brand Girl consults are all about enabling your company to try on new concepts and get recommendations prior to moving ahead with any high-risk investment.

creative strategy

No matter who you’re communicating with–customers, partners, investors, or your own employees–a vague or sketchy message can keep you from reaching your goals. Brand Girl has precisely the skills needed to push your brand into focus. No crystal ball, just an uncanny sense for forecasting what’s next, as well as a thorough understanding of how all activity affects a brand and how this presence must permeate every aspect of a company.

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Branded entertainment, infotainment, social media. We all hear about these buzz words–and with good reason. Their ability to bring brand awareness to appropriate marketplaces via experiences is unsurpassed. Messages can no longer be perceived as interruptions: They must engage audiences instead and be received as a welcome part of the media experience.

Brand Girl can assist with all aspects of transforming your brand into desirable content:

  • Inspiring solutions that are smart, sexy, and relevant
  • Managing promotional tactics to maximize integrations
  • Coaching all players to keep your brand messaging clear, creative, and consistent

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Brand Girl can align your brand with relevant ready-to-go, “green light” entertainment projects and identify and create new opportunities to meet marketing objectives in any medium–print, film, TV, digital, and beyond. Contact Brand Girl for a consult and scan The Green Light List for your daily opps.

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consumer trends

How do you identify trends, particularly the ones that will impact your business? Brand Girl takes her expertise on social and branding behaviors and shares insights on how your brand can predict, use, and manage trends in the best possible ways. It’s all about getting a creative infusion of new, strategic thinking to further your brand’s direction and motivations.

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the business of media

It’s a new media world, and brands have to keep current to survive. How can your brand use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) most effectively? Where’s the line between cultivating a relationship and bombarding consumers? How do you recover from brand fatigue? Brand Girl provides a blueprint to keep your brand evolving as media continues to morph.

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cause-related marketing

More than ever before, brands today are demonstrating their social responsibility by building marketing messages around their philanthropic efforts, often simultaneously boosting business and giving back to the community. Brand Girl can help propel existing campaigns or find a synergistic cause that resonates with both your brand’s persona and audience.

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