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Virgin and Entourage – a match made from up above?

The boys are back–and navigating uncharted territory. Ok. It comes as no surprise to “Entourage” fans that Medellin gets passed over at Cannes, which sends our hero Vince (Adrien Grenier) into seclusion—in true Hollywood form—on a remote island to repair his fallen ego with booze and babes… but getting to watch it all happen while on a romp from JFK to Las Vegas? How much fun can a girl (or boy) take? For the launch… read more »

Fashion that flies

Travel is difficult these days. I mean really. I find it a mere feat to get through security without losing some forgotten cosmetic in the Lancel that wasn’t properly zip-locked or proportioned. All that haggling to steal my Ocean Potion. (But why on earth isn’t anyone confiscating those woman’s Crocs? Just sayin’.) As luck would have it, I flew on Southwest this past weekend returning from a quick trip to Tucson. But it wasn’t until… read more »

Romance, revisited

For many years, my firm handled the design and production of various British Airways consumer brochures. So for years, my team and I would scour the numerous stock photo houses in search of fresh imagery to capture the essence of many European destinations. And for years, I was both bombarded and seduced by Paris and her countless brand images filled with idyllic couples. Whether kissing with the luminous Eiffel Tower posing as the perfect backdrop,… read more »

Paris Hilton

I know, I know. I should be giving my limited blog time to something more deserving like the presidential debate… or good lord, what will become of our beloved Tony? But how could I resist posting what will likely be one of the most infamous photos of the decade? Does Paris Hilton deserve jail time or not? I will hold my silence, but this morning, the almighty foursome of “The View” now powered with a… read more »