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First Kiss is a Lovely Hit

If you are a rom-com junkie, you’re going to love this short video called First Kiss by Tatia Pilieva. Like good foreplay, the premise teased us. It suggested that twenty random strangers were asked to kiss for the first time. Hmm. Intriguing setup. The tease and kisses pay off. Watching it will remind you of those warm, awkward and fuzzy moments that ignite the beginning stages of a budding romance. The video is engaging and seemingly organic. Well, organic as it could… read more »

Beyonce: Be Brave. Be You.

I appreciate the underlying message of Lean In’s “ban bossy” campaign. Love that it was launched for Women’s International Day. Love that there are many “brand” girls involved.

Hookup Culture: So Where is this Going?

It happened again. KABOOM. Another promising startup with a “him” ended with a hideous crash, landing a girl squarely on her ego. (C’mon! It bruises so damn easily these days). It was a scene that could’ve been written for the movie Bridesmaids; A girl was dismissed by text, mere hours after intimacy, on New Year’s Eve, by a boy channeling a god awful Jon Hamm. I mean, WOW. Who does that (channel Jon Hamm)? And… read more »

Generation Self(ie): The Grievances of a Digital Immigrant

Today, everyone seems to consider themselves to be some sort of marketing guru, art director, photographer or all of the above. Now where is this extreme sense of self-importance and all encompassing talent coming from? Oh yeah, right (Insert emoticon: one clearly smacking itself in the head): It’s the almighty smart phone––along with the billion apps that help you “do it all”. Never has it been easier to be your own little brand ambassador. Personally,… read more »

An Iconic New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve been single for more of your life than not, you, too, probably have collected some things you’re not sure you need. Like the pile of expensive lingerie resting in your bureau, several pieces of which you don’t have the guts to wear, except perhaps in darkness, under a hoodie. Like the small army of five-inch heels lined up in the closet, begging to be chosen for that next over-six-foot-two date. Like the small… read more »

Little Miss Bliss (All Over)

I’m at a networking party and this bubbly, dark-haired and very happy, young lady struts right up to me front and centered and blurts, “do you think its funny that we look alike! And that we are both at the same party…!” (I, of course, just answered with the infamous brand girl stare which truly says everything, in that loving kind of way.) In need of a little happiness? Can we have that in a… read more »

En tus brazos

Just the other night, I was accused of not blogging enough. Hello. I do know that. I’m working on it. But unfortunately at times, I do find myself getting caught up in living a dark comedy as oppose to writing it all down, nevermind distilling its relevance to branding. Trust me. I do not enjoy dragging my feet. Well, maybe sometimes… like here. For my fellow tango addicts, and animatic fans. Besos

Why can’t a guy be as reliable as a Mercedes?

Would life not be easier? I’ve met many men who look the part and talk the part and even act the part – for a week. Take, for example, the tango partner who rented the top-floor suite at the Soho Grand hotel… wooed me with international trips and dinners at Bouley… and then ran out of gas once we were several time zones apart. The reason we invest in brands like Mercedes is not only… read more »

Is a properly placed dramatic exit effective, or not?

Sometimes a girl needs her own ride home. I’m stiff miffed by how fast one particular night turned ugly. A few months back, I was having dinner in Buenos Aires with the newest amazing man. (Ok, he was just hot.) All I said was, “the lamb needed salt.” He took a stand, sent it back, made a scene. I have always felt that you can tell a lot about a person from the way they… read more »

Now boarding

Everyone loves airline startup JetBlue. They’ve captured the hearts of travelers from back-pack toting students to the Donald Trump-esque briefcase-carriers. Up on a rooftop bar in Manhattan, discoursing about business and blondes (there is always some story about the blonde. They’re good ones, but nonetheless, they’re about blondes.), the CEO crowd is bound to bring up their latest JetBlue flight. They may be more accustomed to traveling in a private jet, or more comfortable in… read more »