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Is it now politically correct to be fiscally responsible? Shopping at discount stores is making more sense to an increasingly dollar-conscious consumer. Yes, I am dollar-conscious. Despite what my dad (a.k.a. my creative accountant) might think, I know exactly where my conscience is, and exactly where my dollars are spent. Yet, I still enjoy the ever-so-decadent stroll through a fashionable boutique, and the rush of the even more decadent purchase. I do realize that any… read more »

Now boarding

Everyone loves airline startup JetBlue. They’ve captured the hearts of travelers from back-pack toting students to the Donald Trump-esque briefcase-carriers. Up on a rooftop bar in Manhattan, discoursing about business and blondes (there is always some story about the blonde. They’re good ones, but nonetheless, they’re about blondes.), the CEO crowd is bound to bring up their latest JetBlue flight. They may be more accustomed to traveling in a private jet, or more comfortable in… read more »

I’m now obsessed with foreheads

I think it’s pretty ironic that my first visit to a doctor since my quasi move (a.k.a extended stay) into the Los Angeles area would be a dermatologist. It seems the move itself, definitive or not, was more of a physical shock than my being could bear and its stresses were showing up everywhere. Like on my cheek. I was seemingly out of sorts, and like the number of pink Uggs boots running rampant in… read more »