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Hookup Culture: So Where is this Going?

It happened again. KABOOM. Another promising startup with a “him” ended with a hideous crash, landing a girl squarely on her ego. (C’mon! It bruises so damn easily these days). It was a scene that could’ve been written for the movie Bridesmaids; A girl was dismissed by text, mere hours after intimacy, on New Year’s Eve, by a boy channeling a god awful Jon Hamm. I mean, WOW. Who does that (channel Jon Hamm)? And… read more »

Generation Self(ie): The Grievances of a Digital Immigrant

Today, everyone seems to consider themselves to be some sort of marketing guru, art director, photographer or all of the above. Now where is this extreme sense of self-importance and all encompassing talent coming from? Oh yeah, right (Insert emoticon: one clearly smacking itself in the head): It’s the almighty smart phone––along with the billion apps that help you “do it all”. Never has it been easier to be your own little brand ambassador. Personally,… read more »

An Iconic New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve been single for more of your life than not, you, too, probably have collected some things you’re not sure you need. Like the pile of expensive lingerie resting in your bureau, several pieces of which you don’t have the guts to wear, except perhaps in darkness, under a hoodie. Like the small army of five-inch heels lined up in the closet, begging to be chosen for that next over-six-foot-two date. Like the small… read more »

If BG were a Brand Boy…

“If I were a boy, even just for a day, I roll out of bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go…”––from “If I were a boy,” a popular song by Beyonce (a.k.a. SASHA FIERCE). If Brand Girl were a Brand Boy, even for a day, she would roll out of bed in the morning and say what she wanted––and she’d be Jon Stewart. It doesn’t quite work as a pop-song… read more »

More cleavage please

Warning: This is unfiltered stream of unconsciousness brand girl rant…. So just like that… a mere five hour flight, a few Gucci pieces — and this girl is transformed from a LA fashionable writing bum to NYC brand diva, currently reporting live from room 1110 at the Maritime Hotel. Well first it was room 406, but of course there was the habitual room change to the higher floor because just like there can be too… read more »

Imus, as in Don…

… as in Donald, like the duck? Duck, as in duck down, as in avoid? What do you think of the Imus controversy? Imus mis-used his pulpit, slamming the Rutgers womens’ basketball team. Mel Gibson has done it twice – first lashing out at the police, then at a Central American studies professor during an Apocalypto screening (honestly, Mel, a *professor*?). MTV reality wannabe bad boy Jason Whaler also gave it to the cops with… read more »

There’s always back story

Seth Godin is a favorite of mine. I came to know of Seth and his work when hired (geez, over 10 years ago) to be part of the team that very successfully (ahem) launched Fast Company Magazine. It was a wonderful time for business (the new economy), and Bill Taylor and Alan Webber were on the scene first, both capturing and propelling the movement with its much touted rag. It was an equally wonderful time… read more »

Why can’t a guy be as reliable as a Mercedes?

Would life not be easier? I’ve met many men who look the part and talk the part and even act the part – for a week. Take, for example, the tango partner who rented the top-floor suite at the Soho Grand hotel… wooed me with international trips and dinners at Bouley… and then ran out of gas once we were several time zones apart. The reason we invest in brands like Mercedes is not only… read more »

Is a properly placed dramatic exit effective, or not?

Sometimes a girl needs her own ride home. I’m stiff miffed by how fast one particular night turned ugly. A few months back, I was having dinner in Buenos Aires with the newest amazing man. (Ok, he was just hot.) All I said was, “the lamb needed salt.” He took a stand, sent it back, made a scene. I have always felt that you can tell a lot about a person from the way they… read more »

Staying in the game

Yesterday I spent the better part of the night consoling a friend. Well, actually I was talking him off the ledge. And no it wasn’t because the USA was trampled by Eastern Block boys during the World Cup. My friend was in the midst of a heated dispute with his company, things were ugly, and he was all ready to – yes, say it with me – hand in his resignation. He was convinced that… read more »