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Getting naked

I recently read that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), charged with policing the airwaves (i.e., wardrobe malfunctions), intends to fine 52 ABC stations some 1.4 million for airing a 2003 episode of “NYPD BLUE” that revealed Charlotte Ross’s buttocks as she made her way into a shower. Seems kind of random that Kevin Martin, FCC Chairman (a little trivia here: used to work for Ken Starr of chasing Monica Lewinsky fame) would be cracking down… read more »

Let’s talk turkey

The only thing that is currently advantageous about the WGA strike, is that you can just about get any table at any restaurant in L.A. Can we say Osteria Mozza? I’m all for folks stepping up for self, and defining boundaries that are grey (especially ones that lean black into the other side’s pocket). But frankly… if the strike does go on much longer, will the short-term loss sustained on a personal level by the… read more »

LWK 14: Go, Go, Go!

Go to camp (with actors) When I first landed in Los Angeles, I was handed much advice about how to “fit in,” and I’m happy to report that no Uggs of any color or shape defile my closet, but — how could I ultimately refuse serving the actress within? And so my personal tagline, “be who you are,” in LA, has meant pretending to be someone else — acting if you may. Yet, if you’re… read more »

LWK 13: Love Media Power

I love writing around valentine’s day as it is appropriate for musings on what I enjoy most: boys, media and secrets – in any combination. xx! Sticky love Yes, this is the LWK’s Valentine’s issue, and note that it intentionally went out the day *after*. C’mon, isn’t going out on V-day for amateurs? Yet, I say that lovingly because amateurs, as it turns out, is currently what churns my world of branding and entertainment. Time… read more »

LWK 12: Peace, love fills any GAP

Okay kids, it’s the holiday season marking an end to another year, and how exhausted are we? And although it’s a good time to bring smiles to the ones we love with a (free-flying) Wii or a Tiffany rock perhaps, sought after or not, remember that a note to a friend from long ago or a simple *kiss* may be all that’s needed – no purchase required. Yet for all those wall street banker types… read more »

LWK 11: Where’s your focus?

Kwas: In the cards? Do we love the wickedness of autumn in New York, Halloween or what? It’s a wonderful time when the little chipmunks (within) are dressing up as ghouls and in vamp boots, parading about tricking or treating. It’s also a time to catch our breath between the just ending rush of fall-into-September madness, and the fast approaching march of year-end craziness, holidays and all. For many, it’s a good time to take… read more »