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How a girl gets around

I’m in Los Angeles (on my extended stay) and I find that I’m in need of a) an entourage and b) a car. Now, I understand the entourage part will require some time, as it took me years to gather the following I have back east. (Look at Vince, on HBO’s Entorage. He imported his peeps, I’m just sayin.’) But having limited passengers made my decision to buy a convertible OOOO so easy. And naturally… read more »

Five brands to love

Forget conventional methods of romancing your audience, today, strength in advertising most often comes from strength in branding – whether you are a corporate giant or a mom-and-pop shop. So, what’s to love in branding today? 1) Mercedes Benz: Consistency. Mercedes are known for their quality, performance, service, and great style – from beginning to end. The brand image they project is reflected in every aspect, from the advertising to the dealership to service. 2)… read more »