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Peas and percocet

So it continues to surround me – the quest for improvement of face. Some are nestled in bed holding frozen peas on their swollen muzzles, popping Perocets by the poundful and others are in hat and sunglasses getting ushered immediately to the back of the restaurant so as not to scare any patrons away. And then yours truly, hoping that the anti-aging elements in my Ocean Potion are really anti-aging, or that the beauty that… read more »

Why – the poofy dress?

I’m at the Viceroy hoping to be taken seriously when I noticed that several of the lunching starlets are all poofed out. How on earth did I miss that? Within Treo seconds, my east coast comrade confirms that simultaneously, poofed women are trotting in-and-out of a Starbuck’s in Greenwich, Connecticut. The texts concur and conclude that each and every one of them looks six months pregnant, which can’t be. Why the waistline that begins at… read more »

The pretty in ugly

Whether there’s a germ of truth to the Olivia Palermo stories of sending unfiltered emails to some self-appointed society goddesses seeking love or not, leave it to the fuggers to find the “pretty” in her seemingly ugly PR: “So what if the whole thing was a carefully choreographed PR gambit to earn her the kind of pity that turns into affection and a Phoenix-style rise from the social ashes. So what if it was just… read more »

Attack with the Mac*

“Attack with the Mac*, my left hand spit, right hand Grip on the whip, for the smooth getaway…” – Puff Daddy It’s All About The Benjamins (Remix) * Yes, I know, he’s talking about a gun. But in my world, packing heat is off-brand. And we do attack with our Mac. Surprise, Surprise. Look who’s Marketer of the year. (Where’s George?) We love those shuffles, and we love the power of the brand. Everything they… read more »

Tis the season

…for occasional “where’s the love” mail. And who is Bettina anyway? ——- Dear Fred, …. I made about a gazillion dollars (I’m embarassed to say, mostly on me) in purchases at Fred Segal that included multi-digits at your boutique within, Bettina Duncan. I bought a Paciotti Bag that is gorgeous, and well shaped, but unfortunately, the details of the hardware and its signature logo (little swords) on the shoulder grabs on to everything – especially… read more »

She’s a prop

Splendid September, a marketers haven in which to launch all [brands] that are fashionable and air-brushed, be it Cole Haan boots, Tag Heuer watches, or, the most-sought after scientologist on earth. Suri is O so adorable and what a clever child, making her well-planned debut in both cashmere and Vanity Fair. All 22 pages (yes, I counted) are angelically shot by Annie Leibovitz and like my Gucci shoes, leans a tad too much towards perfect.… read more »

The devil is in the details

Let’s talk about Prada wearing devils. Or is it Devils wearing Prada? Spare me the boring details, spare me your ignorance – you know the movie. It’s a great little flick despite not being as dark nor as devilish as I (or Lauren Weisberger i would think) had hoped. In fact, there seemed to be a wave of Disney to it all. Perhaps that was just the appearance of Anne Hathaway still smacking of too… read more »

Staying in the game

Yesterday I spent the better part of the night consoling a friend. Well, actually I was talking him off the ledge. And no it wasn’t because the USA was trampled by Eastern Block boys during the World Cup. My friend was in the midst of a heated dispute with his company, things were ugly, and he was all ready to – yes, say it with me – hand in his resignation. He was convinced that… read more »


Is it now politically correct to be fiscally responsible? Shopping at discount stores is making more sense to an increasingly dollar-conscious consumer. Yes, I am dollar-conscious. Despite what my dad (a.k.a. my creative accountant) might think, I know exactly where my conscience is, and exactly where my dollars are spent. Yet, I still enjoy the ever-so-decadent stroll through a fashionable boutique, and the rush of the even more decadent purchase. I do realize that any… read more »

I’m now obsessed with foreheads

I think it’s pretty ironic that my first visit to a doctor since my quasi move (a.k.a extended stay) into the Los Angeles area would be a dermatologist. It seems the move itself, definitive or not, was more of a physical shock than my being could bear and its stresses were showing up everywhere. Like on my cheek. I was seemingly out of sorts, and like the number of pink Uggs boots running rampant in… read more »