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Tavi–she’s not your average tween

This style rookie has recently caught the attention of Rodarte and Target, and will apparently pen a column for Bazaar as in Harper’s––as in for adults. Is this a good thing?

Trend trackers and setters

Last month I attended the Future Trends Conference (an annual conference sponsored by the International Institute of Research) catching up on what’s tomorrow. I heard fascinating insights from many speakers, including Janet Gallent, VP, Consumer Insights & Innovation Creation over at NBC Universal, who razed the myth that “nobody with a DVR watches commercials.” Guess what? According to NBC research, 43% of commercials are actually played back by DVR viewers. So DVRs are not the… read more »

H&M clearly on ‘Target’

Have you been following the H&M groupies? Better question, how could you have missed the crowds as they were lined outside the H&M store in Herald Square last week (and other various parts of the world) for the release of the Comme des Garçons collection? Perhaps you thought it was just another Apple launch. It had that kind of fervor, after all. The groupsters were gathering up armloads of affordable couture and even though the… read more »

Did you see Vogue’s big branding faux pas?

A $1000 Fendi bib on Suri Cruise might have worked… but putting it on a child whose parents might hope to make $1.50 per day? Apparently the August edition of Vogue India featured such a pic among 16-pages of fashion editorial, which according to its editor, Priya Tanna, “sought to illustrate the power of fashion” as a strategy to reach a niche, the growingly affluent demographic in (the “new”) India. The iconic magazine received lashings… read more »

“Sex and the City” bags it BIG!

Jam-packed with hair-raising fumbles, tear-jerking saves and the glamest of brands –– they’re calling “Sex and the City” the “Super Bowl” for women. And boy, did it score BIG. The long awaited sequel movie to the original HBO series opened this weekend grossing an unexpected $55.7 million (according to Variety — the best opening ever for an R-rated comedy). This win will no doubt add extra padding and lining to many folks Gucci-like wallets and… read more »

Valentine’s is for…

… discoveries. Self or otherwise. Louis Vuitton’s first ad — ever. Enjoy. xo

The new Ugg-ly

Did you feel that vibration across the country earlier today? That was me. I’ve finally released my well-known hate for the many abusers of Uggs. Especially towards the pretty little, big girls who wear the pink boots, whether with dress or sweats, summer or fall. I have made the pink peace. Why? Funny. I had a breakfast meeting and well… a gal pal was wearing Crocs. (Just like Uggs… showing up where they just shouldn’t.… read more »

YouTube? A luxury buy?

Luxury brands have been one of the last categories to throw dollars at online advertising, arguing that conventional media showcases their products better. Maybe so a year or two ago, but Neiman Marcus made a move today that signifies that change is in the air, well at least for this major retailer. Neiman Marcus commemorated its 100th anniversary with an online media buy that included a cameo on “YouTube’s” front page. Yes, NM videos are… read more »

Apple picking

Apple announced a revised ipod collection –– after all it is fashion week. The Ipod has been re-interpreted as the “touch.” The thinner she gets, the more power she packs. The Nanos are squattier, just like this season’s trend of cropped jackets, and the shuffles colors are more brilliant, like that of Zac Posen’s handbags. And all in time for the upcoming holiday season. Steve, nicely done. Apple also slashed the entry point for the… read more »

Shaken, not stirred

Quite a celebratory week and it’s only Thursday. Hilary Duff tries on Martha Stewart. Barry Bonds hits his 756th home run beating Hank Aaron’s legendary record. (And not to belittle Bond’s effort, but I have 540 odd-days logged in LA. Ok, not consecutively. But neither is that home run count.) A tornado blows through Brooklyn, and Brand Girl survives her first quake. Yaaaaagh! Okay, a baby one. But I still need to celebrate my first.… read more »