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She’s channeling Carrie

What did you think would happen when Vanity Fair and Annie Leibovitz (both elegant yet R-rated entities) covered Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” fame, (a sometimes G-rated girl and show)? Soft porn people –– artful and mature, but hell, you knew it would be sexy. And I argue that most of the players involved did. If you actually get beyond the brouhaha of the photographs themselves and read the article — you’ll discover that Miley… read more »

Walk in Clooney’s shoes

Brand Girl almost acquired (and we all know almost doesn’t count), as part of her empire, one pair of shoes worn by George Clooney in a commercial photo shoot. They’re white, they’re Salavatore Ferragamo, and they’ve supposedly graced the soles of George, the high-water mark by which all men are measured. But no, those feet pictured are not Clooney’s. Those dogs actually belong to a friend of mine, an ad boy who clearly was entertained… read more »