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There’s always back story

Seth Godin is a favorite of mine. I came to know of Seth and his work when hired (geez, over 10 years ago) to be part of the team that very successfully (ahem) launched Fast Company Magazine. It was a wonderful time for business (the new economy), and Bill Taylor and Alan Webber were on the scene first, both capturing and propelling the movement with its much touted rag. It was an equally wonderful time… read more »

Singing boys

Good thing a girl was the highest bidder (thank you ebay!) for Dave Matthews tickets at the Hollywood Bowl. Because if I weren’t out watching that boy perform, I might be home watching these boys. You tube is definitely causing a whole new generation to wake to the charms of weird al. That may or may not be a good thing.

The devil is in the details

Let’s talk about Prada wearing devils. Or is it Devils wearing Prada? Spare me the boring details, spare me your ignorance – you know the movie. It’s a great little flick despite not being as dark nor as devilish as I (or Lauren Weisberger i would think) had hoped. In fact, there seemed to be a wave of Disney to it all. Perhaps that was just the appearance of Anne Hathaway still smacking of too… read more »

I’m now obsessed with foreheads

I think it’s pretty ironic that my first visit to a doctor since my quasi move (a.k.a extended stay) into the Los Angeles area would be a dermatologist. It seems the move itself, definitive or not, was more of a physical shock than my being could bear and its stresses were showing up everywhere. Like on my cheek. I was seemingly out of sorts, and like the number of pink Uggs boots running rampant in… read more »