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Convenient truths

Al Gore has become quite the rock-star with his Inconvenienth Truth – especially now with its Oscar win. It’s great that stars are using their power to do good and to enlighten folks. But at times things can get, icky, as this one article implies. Maybe Al Gore is a tad green in his understanding of the scientific nuances that make up climate change and maybe more discovery is needed. But no one can dispute… read more »

Change your life

I read this article in New York Magazine and subsequently found out that a guy I went out with last week, a promotional guru was affiliated with number 10. (Reprinted below.) Now, I do happen to look great in Maroon. And it would be fun for a girl to have her caftan tailored (“can we make it strapless?”). However, my guru positioned the meditation resort simply as a “spiritual retreat.” Which for what ever reason… read more »

Coffee regular

OK… about that Sirius/XM deal. Currently I’m working in the area of Universal City and what makes the morning drive from Santa Monica o so tolerable – (traffic be damned) – is my Coffeehouse, Channel 30 on Sirius. And in fact, I argued that it’s not the traffic that keeps LA’ers locked in their cars. It’s the extra laps that we must take around the block before parking (that makes us late). Hello – it… read more »

Of course, Oprah…

… Works. I was at the first Ad Age Madison + Vine conference four years ago, an event created to discuss momentum in the then “new” world of branded entertainment, and yesterday’s activities which marked its fifth anniversary. And what remains common is that it still comes down to your basics; a) great collaboration (partners) to create b), great content (creative that delivers on objectives and agrees with consumer), and c), some form of measurement.… read more »

Tis the season

…for occasional “where’s the love” mail. And who is Bettina anyway? ——- Dear Fred, …. I made about a gazillion dollars (I’m embarassed to say, mostly on me) in purchases at Fred Segal that included multi-digits at your boutique within, Bettina Duncan. I bought a Paciotti Bag that is gorgeous, and well shaped, but unfortunately, the details of the hardware and its signature logo (little swords) on the shoulder grabs on to everything – especially… read more »

Flatter to Attract

Attract to flatter? Or matter? Yesterday, I went to a seminar called the “Celebration of Oneness.” I went because it was out of LA, (celebration of self is always worth a drive – even if just to Pasadena), and there were a string of speakers that included Ariana Huffington, John Gray and Susan Miller. All of which meant a girl had variety and could wait until arrival to decide whether she should celebrate a) men,… read more »

Little Miss Bliss (All Over)

I’m at a networking party and this bubbly, dark-haired and very happy, young lady struts right up to me front and centered and blurts, “do you think its funny that we look alike! And that we are both at the same party…!” (I, of course, just answered with the infamous brand girl stare which truly says everything, in that loving kind of way.) In need of a little happiness? Can we have that in a… read more »

Love for the Hoodie

By nature, I’m really not a complainer. But I’m a little lost out here in Santa Monica given the spirit of Christmas – normally spurred by retail – seems so surreal, especially when planted amongst palm trees and sleeveless caroler’s donning scarfs as mere props. Where’s Rudolph? Where’s the snow? Can we please have some real love and need for the hoodie? So you can only imagine how delighted I was when I first saw… read more »

Gone North

When in Los Angeles, there’s only so much Viceroy, sun and flip-flops that one east coast gal can bear, especially around turkey day. It’s not Thanksgiving unless a girl is nestled in cashmere and knee deep in boots, family drama or something else as engulfing… perhaps grapes. I know it’s not often you get to steal yourself away (from family), but when you can, I say, “Hello Mercedes. Hello road trip to Sonoma.” [btw: No… read more »

Big Time

And I thought Brand Girl was ambitious. First we had, dance boy setting the internet a buzz with both his hilarious moves and ducks showing how powerful viral marketing can be, even when organic. Then there was the red paper clip that actually propelled one lad to a meeting with snow globe loving Corbin Bernsen and eventually getting a roof over his head. Then we saw great hype over ms lonely girl15, feigning a poor… read more »