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Shaken, not stirred

Quite a celebratory week and it’s only Thursday. Hilary Duff tries on Martha Stewart. Barry Bonds hits his 756th home run beating Hank Aaron’s legendary record. (And not to belittle Bond’s effort, but I have 540 odd-days logged in LA. Ok, not consecutively. But neither is that home run count.) A tornado blows through Brooklyn, and Brand Girl survives her first quake. Yaaaaagh! Okay, a baby one. But I still need to celebrate my first.… read more »

Peas and percocet

So it continues to surround me – the quest for improvement of face. Some are nestled in bed holding frozen peas on their swollen muzzles, popping Perocets by the poundful and others are in hat and sunglasses getting ushered immediately to the back of the restaurant so as not to scare any patrons away. And then yours truly, hoping that the anti-aging elements in my Ocean Potion are really anti-aging, or that the beauty that… read more »

To blend or not to blend?

To blend or not to blend? And we are not talking about Margaritas (always on the rocks, with salt, preferably by the pool, and we promise not to drop it if you give us a real glass instead of plastic – and Patron). Blending. So many do it in LA. Blonde is the first thing — there is a stat in the current Allure about the number of women who are naturally blonde and it… read more »

Slim pickings

So last week, I was an almighty scrubbed up diva holding court in NYC — fending off too much service, sushi and love. And today, an elder sister — holed up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with an immediate family count that hoovers at 30 — and a woman forced to barter for essentials. It is indeed a lovely beach front home with many desired amenities (hello elevator), but a bedroom count that… read more »

More cleavage please

Warning: This is unfiltered stream of unconsciousness brand girl rant…. So just like that… a mere five hour flight, a few Gucci pieces — and this girl is transformed from a LA fashionable writing bum to NYC brand diva, currently reporting live from room 1110 at the Maritime Hotel. Well first it was room 406, but of course there was the habitual room change to the higher floor because just like there can be too… read more »

Why – the poofy dress?

I’m at the Viceroy hoping to be taken seriously when I noticed that several of the lunching starlets are all poofed out. How on earth did I miss that? Within Treo seconds, my east coast comrade confirms that simultaneously, poofed women are trotting in-and-out of a Starbuck’s in Greenwich, Connecticut. The texts concur and conclude that each and every one of them looks six months pregnant, which can’t be. Why the waistline that begins at… read more »

Paris Hilton

I know, I know. I should be giving my limited blog time to something more deserving like the presidential debate… or good lord, what will become of our beloved Tony? But how could I resist posting what will likely be one of the most infamous photos of the decade? Does Paris Hilton deserve jail time or not? I will hold my silence, but this morning, the almighty foursome of “The View” now powered with a… read more »

Wild life

So recently, I was fulfilling my fairy godmother duty by babysitting for my goddaugter back East, who lives in a house nestled in the woods about an hour from the city. And I trot down to the garage to properly provision the Audi for an outing, and I am practically jumped by a masked bandit. Of the raccoon kind. Needless to say, a girl about jumped right out of her Cosabellas. I immediately notified the… read more »

The pretty in ugly

Whether there’s a germ of truth to the Olivia Palermo stories of sending unfiltered emails to some self-appointed society goddesses seeking love or not, leave it to the fuggers to find the “pretty” in her seemingly ugly PR: “So what if the whole thing was a carefully choreographed PR gambit to earn her the kind of pity that turns into affection and a Phoenix-style rise from the social ashes. So what if it was just… read more »

When it’s hip to sip

… for the kids (and especially when there’s beach and wine involved). Started by a handful of locals – the Malibu Wine Classic will please all despite the juggling of glasses, appetizers and suntan lotion. There promises to be a good showing of local restaurants (a la Hamptons of Four Season’s) and several California wineries like Arcadia, Rosenthal and a L’Aventure. But make sure you seek out Consilience and Brett Escalera, the winemaker, both personal… read more »