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Don’t fear the screwtop!

Or the wine in the box? About two years ago, I went to a Dave Matthew’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Bottles were verboten, wine or otherwise, but they did have some vino on offer for purchase. It was typical—my usual splurge was going for $88. So to be economical, I went red, opting for the Frei Brothers Pinot Noir at $46. Then, adding insult to injury, I watched them uncork that baby and dump… read more »

She’s channeling Carrie

What did you think would happen when Vanity Fair and Annie Leibovitz (both elegant yet R-rated entities) covered Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” fame, (a sometimes G-rated girl and show)? Soft porn people –– artful and mature, but hell, you knew it would be sexy. And I argue that most of the players involved did. If you actually get beyond the brouhaha of the photographs themselves and read the article — you’ll discover that Miley… read more »

The heart of the matter

As unpredictable as recent times seem, it was indeed predictable that someone would use their pulpit at the Oscars to sermon. Got to love Jon Stewart — apparently only preaching to his choir given this years usually low ratings (both on and off-line)… but ahem. The Oscars are traditionally a good place to be heard and seen — especially if strutting on the red carpet — and with purpose. Seeking the success of the pink… read more »

An original brand boy

He rocked back then. He rocks today. That boy is welcomed to hang with me, or my walls. Scene: Digital Domain, Venice, CA — “Let it Bleed” book launch. The prints –– ridiculous. The book –– beautifully designed, shot and written. Brilliant. Historical. Captivating. Truly. Unlike a purse puppy (hee) — well-worth the splurge. And the free product placement for Jack Daniels –– priceless.

Let’s talk turkey

The only thing that is currently advantageous about the WGA strike, is that you can just about get any table at any restaurant in L.A. Can we say Osteria Mozza? I’m all for folks stepping up for self, and defining boundaries that are grey (especially ones that lean black into the other side’s pocket). But frankly… if the strike does go on much longer, will the short-term loss sustained on a personal level by the… read more »

The haunting of pink

Why it’s good. And why it needs to be better. Yes, it’s halloween, today. The weather appears mild enough encouraging what seems to be truckloads of costumed goblins, ghosts, and (if out west) some variation of democratic candidates, parading around and campaigning for goodies. And so today marks an end to another October, and quite the month we’ve had. Joe Torres steps down, or if a Yankee fan – is ousted. A woman, Cristina Fernandez… read more »

The new Ugg-ly

Did you feel that vibration across the country earlier today? That was me. I’ve finally released my well-known hate for the many abusers of Uggs. Especially towards the pretty little, big girls who wear the pink boots, whether with dress or sweats, summer or fall. I have made the pink peace. Why? Funny. I had a breakfast meeting and well… a gal pal was wearing Crocs. (Just like Uggs… showing up where they just shouldn’t.… read more »

Fashion that flies

Travel is difficult these days. I mean really. I find it a mere feat to get through security without losing some forgotten cosmetic in the Lancel that wasn’t properly zip-locked or proportioned. All that haggling to steal my Ocean Potion. (But why on earth isn’t anyone confiscating those woman’s Crocs? Just sayin’.) As luck would have it, I flew on Southwest this past weekend returning from a quick trip to Tucson. But it wasn’t until… read more »

Mac guy works his stock

So yesterday, Steve Jobs was busy unveiling holiday plans throwing retail, wall street and Hollywood folks into all sorts of buzz. And speaking of buzz, macs and Hollywood, BG couldn’t resist passing by this “People Magazine” moment. (All in the sake of research, kids.) Justine Long, (a.k.a — Mac Spokesperson of sorts) is spotted canoodling with Drew. This after they just finished filming, “He’s just not that into you.” Any guesses to how this story… read more »

Removing the bruise

I survived my first rattle. Yet, I’m injured. I’m sitting here holding an ice pack to my left eye because my acupuncturist prick me a tad wrongly. I left his office yesterday with a slight bruise. This morning I woke up to a lovely crescent shaped mark that cradles my left eye with gem-like colors that migrate between yellow and blue. Yes, sucker punched by my own practictioner. I know, I know, this should be… read more »