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Now boarding

Everyone loves airline startup JetBlue. They’ve captured the hearts of travelers from back-pack toting students to the Donald Trump-esque briefcase-carriers. Up on a rooftop bar in Manhattan, discoursing about business and blondes (there is always some story about the blonde. They’re good ones, but nonetheless, they’re about blondes.), the CEO crowd is bound to bring up their latest JetBlue flight. They may be more accustomed to traveling in a private jet, or more comfortable in… read more »

Five brands that got lucky

Effective branding is often a product of sending your message in the right way at the right time. The brands with the most resonant messages have taken note of market conditions and factored them into their communications. Great branding doesn’t happen in a vacuum unless you’re a Dyson. Brand leaders have to predict what will be important to their audience when their message is in the market. It’s not easy, but several brands are doing… read more »

How a girl gets around

I’m in Los Angeles (on my extended stay) and I find that I’m in need of a) an entourage and b) a car. Now, I understand the entourage part will require some time, as it took me years to gather the following I have back east. (Look at Vince, on HBO’s Entorage. He imported his peeps, I’m just sayin.’) But having limited passengers made my decision to buy a convertible OOOO so easy. And naturally… read more »

Five brands to love

Forget conventional methods of romancing your audience, today, strength in advertising most often comes from strength in branding – whether you are a corporate giant or a mom-and-pop shop. So, what’s to love in branding today? 1) Mercedes Benz: Consistency. Mercedes are known for their quality, performance, service, and great style – from beginning to end. The brand image they project is reflected in every aspect, from the advertising to the dealership to service. 2)… read more »