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Burger King shapes up

Ahhh, Burger King. The Kwasnicki’s grew up as a Burger King family. The reason? Two-for-one Whoppers, of course – how else do you feed an army? (Remember when you had to sell the World’s Finest Chocolate bars as a school fundraiser? The ones with the “buy one Whopper, get one free” coupon on the wrapper? The Kwasnickis, of course, had plenty of wrappers to redeem because — hello, I have seven siblings — and we… read more »

Does truth + love = true love?

Voila: two more expert opinions on the general subject of finding truth and finding love, hopefully together. First we have, an online dating service that conducts criminal background checks on its members, so that daters can be assured of “a wholesome environment for courtship,” says founder Herb Vest. But is the site true to its word? One industry watcher says they are “the controversial child in the Internet dating industry,” due in part to… read more »

Convenient truths

Al Gore has become quite the rock-star with his Inconvenienth Truth – especially now with its Oscar win. It’s great that stars are using their power to do good and to enlighten folks. But at times things can get, icky, as this one article implies. Maybe Al Gore is a tad green in his understanding of the scientific nuances that make up climate change and maybe more discovery is needed. But no one can dispute… read more »

Jesus in Tribeca?

… or in the child-folk? Sadly, I will *not* be attending the Tribeca Film Festival this year, but you can. The box office is open and Mom’s day is not so far away. ESPN is now in the game, so there’s also something there for the boys (men) in your life. Interesting that the hot tickets are about what the kids are doing. Last year it was the heart-warming urban Mad Hat Ballroom. This year… read more »

Channeling Dr. Phil

Spending: In the Computer Dating Game, Room for a Coach Ok, I read the article and thought, I could do that. I’ve done it outright for my friends, I’ve done it in my head for the people I’ve browsed (my browsing is all in the name of research, as the dating site *makes* all their ad partners register. Really. It is!). It’s branding, plain and simple, and branding yourself in the name of love –… read more »

Change your life

I read this article in New York Magazine and subsequently found out that a guy I went out with last week, a promotional guru was affiliated with number 10. (Reprinted below.) Now, I do happen to look great in Maroon. And it would be fun for a girl to have her caftan tailored (“can we make it strapless?”). However, my guru positioned the meditation resort simply as a “spiritual retreat.” Which for what ever reason… read more »

Gallo is lowbrow chic

A moment of silence please… Ernest Gallo, Wine Marketing Genius, Dies at 97 A rented shed, determination and a niche in the marketplace proved to be the right mix for this classic start-up story. Gallo was responsible for making wine accessible at all levels – and for bringing quality to the masses, a favorite BG theme.

Coffee regular

OK… about that Sirius/XM deal. Currently I’m working in the area of Universal City and what makes the morning drive from Santa Monica o so tolerable – (traffic be damned) – is my Coffeehouse, Channel 30 on Sirius. And in fact, I argued that it’s not the traffic that keeps LA’ers locked in their cars. It’s the extra laps that we must take around the block before parking (that makes us late). Hello – it… read more »

A blue situation?

No longer. Everyone loves (and routs) for our – no longer a start-up airline – JetBlue. They’ve captured the hearts of travelers from back-pack toting students to the Donald Trump-esque briefcase-carriers. Up on a rooftop bar in Manhattan, discoursing about business and blondes (there is always some story about the blonde), the CEO crowd is bound to bring up their latest JetBlue flight. They may be more accustomed to traveling in a private jet, or… read more »

Random acts

The Kung Fu video is getting a lot of airtime lately… But it is surely derivative of the Star Wars kid, the most-downloaded You Tube video in history. In this post-9/11 You Tube environment, aren’t we ALL fighting a futile war against a largely invisible foe? Isn’t the whole Kung Fu thing a metaphor for America as the guy with the apple, the powerful entity that leaps to the charge and falls ass-over-teakettle? Is “what… read more »