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This parody confirms one thing: I am an Applebee’s addict*

*And I’m not alone. This light-hearted portrayal of an Applebee’s fanatic working off of Sam Smith’s top selling song, “Stay with Me” is hilarious. I do wonder though if it is telling that I can relate to every word both spoken and sung. And I mean every word. Seriously. How can you not be seduced by Applebee’s 2 for $20 menu? (Maybe confused because the 2 for $20 offer actually entitle you to one appetizer and… read more »

Would you sign up for this?

No time to sleep? No salary? Always standing on your feet? Ha! Love this. Watch to the end. xo #worldstoughestjob

Ms. Lyons & Co. are Listening and Delivering

Last summer, freelance writer Jenni Avins penned an open letter to Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew.  It was published on The Cut. The letter was actually a wistful plea for the company to bring back a basic swimsuit that simply worked for Anvins: the scoop-back tank. And Anvins was very specific in her request. “What I want is smooth, taut fabric that stretches from my shoulders over my chest and ribcage, with hip-high leg holes and… read more »

Scripted or Not, Ellen’s Selfie is Oscar Worthy

We now know it as the world’s most famous selfie. And as perfect as a product placement could be. Samsung won huge when Ellen DeGeneres used a Galaxy Note 3 to take a photo of herself with several others stars at this year’s Oscar. Samsung may have paid an estimated $20 million for their primetime ads that aired during the broadcast, but it’s Ellen’s selfie that stole the show. DeGeneres predicted this selfie would make… read more »

Generation Self(ie): The Grievances of a Digital Immigrant

Today, everyone seems to consider themselves to be some sort of marketing guru, art director, photographer or all of the above. Now where is this extreme sense of self-importance and all encompassing talent coming from? Oh yeah, right (Insert emoticon: one clearly smacking itself in the head): It’s the almighty smart phone––along with the billion apps that help you “do it all”. Never has it been easier to be your own little brand ambassador. Personally,… read more »

Djokovic: Finally, a bad boy relationship that works

I fell in love with tennis almost five years ago. I was in Paris. I was supposed to rendezvous with a boy, but that plan never got put into play. In high Parisian style, with the Eiffel looming in the background and a Hermès suitcase propped by my side, I was unceremoniously dumped via text. Now, the boy retained the rights to the pied-à-terre, but the tickets to the French Open, to his dismay later… read more »

Taking stock of JCP

I was one of many smitten with the “new” JC Penney commercials that aired last month during the Oscars, the ones featuring the likeable Ellen DeGeneres. It was refreshing to see spots that relied heavily on good old-fashioned storytelling to deliver a solid message, and with no blatant ploy to get a quick rise out of a social media marker. Advertising Age reports that the “Roman Returns” spot in particular—in which Ms. DeGeneres is transported… read more »

Apple: A lifetime romance.

Last month, on the eve of the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4s, coincidentally, I found myself in a bit of a technical mess. Which soon gave way to a personal hot mess. I was desperate enough for a tech fix that I ended up on the phone with an ex-, a man I will refer to here as my Mac Genius (MG). MG is not just any ex-, goodness, no. This one was the Ex-Beau… read more »

State Farm. They’ve got an Empire State of Mind.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably grateful that September 11th is behind us, for another 360 days. For another year, we can leave behind the corresponding barrage of corporate tributes reminding us of the tragedy—as if we would or could ever forget. Taking a corporate stance on public issues and events will always be a difficult line for marketers to straddle. Audiences are fickle. Whether you’re being too intrusive, insensitive or outright exploitative, they… read more »

Strong. Social thoughts.

I woke up this morning with a strong thought, possibly an usual one for a communications advocate: I was grateful that social media tools were in their infancy a decade ago. Yes, you can go ahead and slap me. Today’s instant communication platforms might have helped save some of the lives lost during the horrific events of September 11, 2001. And yet still, I’m secretly, somewhat sheepishly relieved to be haunted mostly by the memories… read more »