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Modern love and rules

The Internet – and the pervasive technology behind it – has changed the love game. No longer do you have to rely on the good graces of your friends to weigh in on a guy you’ve met; he can be Googled, even during a 30-second trip to the ladies’ room, and all of his secrets are suddenly yours. As a branding maven, I understand the value of this information. As a dating gal, I understand… read more »

My grammy moment

… was not when the somewhat controversial Dixie Chicks swept top awards as potentially some political power play by the Academy. Nor was it when the reunited “Police” performed for the opening act, but that was a close second. No, my grammy moment was when the ultimate brand girl – JT, Justin Timberlake, “you-tubed” himself during his performance — check yt today and I bet that hundreds upon hundreds of high school kids have copied… read more »

The secret of love

BG says this is great – xx!! Modern Love: Dear Editor, the Secret of Love Is … By Daniel Jones EACH year, as the day nears when we are expected to celebrate (or at least positively spin) the current state of our romantic lives, people start asking me what I, as the editor of this column, have learned about love. Surely, they assume, I’ve learned something from spending my days immersed in strangers’ relationship stories.… read more »

Gone North

When in Los Angeles, there’s only so much Viceroy, sun and flip-flops that one east coast gal can bear, especially around turkey day. It’s not Thanksgiving unless a girl is nestled in cashmere and knee deep in boots, family drama or something else as engulfing… perhaps grapes. I know it’s not often you get to steal yourself away (from family), but when you can, I say, “Hello Mercedes. Hello road trip to Sonoma.” [btw: No… read more »

Walk in Clooney’s shoes

Brand Girl almost acquired (and we all know almost doesn’t count), as part of her empire, one pair of shoes worn by George Clooney in a commercial photo shoot. They’re white, they’re Salavatore Ferragamo, and they’ve supposedly graced the soles of George, the high-water mark by which all men are measured. But no, those feet pictured are not Clooney’s. Those dogs actually belong to a friend of mine, an ad boy who clearly was entertained… read more »

There’s always back story

Seth Godin is a favorite of mine. I came to know of Seth and his work when hired (geez, over 10 years ago) to be part of the team that very successfully (ahem) launched Fast Company Magazine. It was a wonderful time for business (the new economy), and Bill Taylor and Alan Webber were on the scene first, both capturing and propelling the movement with its much touted rag. It was an equally wonderful time… read more »

Singing boys

Good thing a girl was the highest bidder (thank you ebay!) for Dave Matthews tickets at the Hollywood Bowl. Because if I weren’t out watching that boy perform, I might be home watching these boys. You tube is definitely causing a whole new generation to wake to the charms of weird al. That may or may not be a good thing.

Why can’t a guy be as reliable as a Mercedes?

Would life not be easier? I’ve met many men who look the part and talk the part and even act the part – for a week. Take, for example, the tango partner who rented the top-floor suite at the Soho Grand hotel… wooed me with international trips and dinners at Bouley… and then ran out of gas once we were several time zones apart. The reason we invest in brands like Mercedes is not only… read more »

Is a properly placed dramatic exit effective, or not?

Sometimes a girl needs her own ride home. I’m stiff miffed by how fast one particular night turned ugly. A few months back, I was having dinner in Buenos Aires with the newest amazing man. (Ok, he was just hot.) All I said was, “the lamb needed salt.” He took a stand, sent it back, made a scene. I have always felt that you can tell a lot about a person from the way they… read more »

Staying in the game

Yesterday I spent the better part of the night consoling a friend. Well, actually I was talking him off the ledge. And no it wasn’t because the USA was trampled by Eastern Block boys during the World Cup. My friend was in the midst of a heated dispute with his company, things were ugly, and he was all ready to – yes, say it with me – hand in his resignation. He was convinced that… read more »