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Romance, revisited

For many years, my firm handled the design and production of various British Airways consumer brochures. So for years, my team and I would scour the numerous stock photo houses in search of fresh imagery to capture the essence of many European destinations. And for years, I was both bombarded and seduced by Paris and her countless brand images filled with idyllic couples. Whether kissing with the luminous Eiffel Tower posing as the perfect backdrop,… read more »

Wild life

So recently, I was fulfilling my fairy godmother duty by babysitting for my goddaugter back East, who lives in a house nestled in the woods about an hour from the city. And I trot down to the garage to properly provision the Audi for an outing, and I am practically jumped by a masked bandit. Of the raccoon kind. Needless to say, a girl about jumped right out of her Cosabellas. I immediately notified the… read more »

Pour one out for the environment

Reports of endless rain and flooding in my beloved New York – plus my recent conversations with a notably tall drink of water – have got me thinking more and more about H2O. My love for a good cold square bottle of Fiji – so much softer than LA tap – recently got me compared to a brand-loyal version of Tim Robbins’ Griffin Mill in The Player – the agent who always, always orders a… read more »

Imus, as in Don…

… as in Donald, like the duck? Duck, as in duck down, as in avoid? What do you think of the Imus controversy? Imus mis-used his pulpit, slamming the Rutgers womens’ basketball team. Mel Gibson has done it twice – first lashing out at the police, then at a Central American studies professor during an Apocalypto screening (honestly, Mel, a *professor*?). MTV reality wannabe bad boy Jason Whaler also gave it to the cops with… read more »

You’re right, it’s not the apt…

… it’s the 40 year old sheets! lol Oh good lord, there’s lots to be had in this NYT article: “It’s not you, it’s the apartment.” So many nuances of what makes up (or dilutes?) the brand called *you.* I love the fact that a 46 year old man that hovers over a stuffed seal and Sonic HedgeHog things is giving out dating advice on He refuses to “blandify.” (Bob, I’m all about a… read more »

Burger King shapes up

Ahhh, Burger King. The Kwasnicki’s grew up as a Burger King family. The reason? Two-for-one Whoppers, of course – how else do you feed an army? (Remember when you had to sell the World’s Finest Chocolate bars as a school fundraiser? The ones with the “buy one Whopper, get one free” coupon on the wrapper? The Kwasnickis, of course, had plenty of wrappers to redeem because — hello, I have seven siblings — and we… read more »

Does truth + love = true love?

Voila: two more expert opinions on the general subject of finding truth and finding love, hopefully together. First we have, an online dating service that conducts criminal background checks on its members, so that daters can be assured of “a wholesome environment for courtship,” says founder Herb Vest. But is the site true to its word? One industry watcher says they are “the controversial child in the Internet dating industry,” due in part to… read more »

Channeling Dr. Phil

Spending: In the Computer Dating Game, Room for a Coach Ok, I read the article and thought, I could do that. I’ve done it outright for my friends, I’ve done it in my head for the people I’ve browsed (my browsing is all in the name of research, as the dating site *makes* all their ad partners register. Really. It is!). It’s branding, plain and simple, and branding yourself in the name of love –… read more »

Change your life

I read this article in New York Magazine and subsequently found out that a guy I went out with last week, a promotional guru was affiliated with number 10. (Reprinted below.) Now, I do happen to look great in Maroon. And it would be fun for a girl to have her caftan tailored (“can we make it strapless?”). However, my guru positioned the meditation resort simply as a “spiritual retreat.” Which for what ever reason… read more »

Random acts

The Kung Fu video is getting a lot of airtime lately… But it is surely derivative of the Star Wars kid, the most-downloaded You Tube video in history. In this post-9/11 You Tube environment, aren’t we ALL fighting a futile war against a largely invisible foe? Isn’t the whole Kung Fu thing a metaphor for America as the guy with the apple, the powerful entity that leaps to the charge and falls ass-over-teakettle? Is “what… read more »