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Hillary, not Vogue

The Post reports: THE “BRAINS” surrounding Hillary Clinton didn’t make any friends last Friday at Condé Nast when they balked on a firm, long-standing commitment to let the candidate pose for Vogue, while the astute Julia Reed hung ten waiting to write about her and the giant fotog Annie Leibovitz had her cameras at the ready for nothing. A source inside Hillary’s camp supposedly informed the Vogue contingent they’d decided some time ago not to… read more »

The haunting of pink

Why it’s good. And why it needs to be better. Yes, it’s halloween, today. The weather appears mild enough encouraging what seems to be truckloads of costumed goblins, ghosts, and (if out west) some variation of democratic candidates, parading around and campaigning for goodies. And so today marks an end to another October, and quite the month we’ve had. Joe Torres steps down, or if a Yankee fan – is ousted. A woman, Cristina Fernandez… read more »

Mac guy works his stock

So yesterday, Steve Jobs was busy unveiling holiday plans throwing retail, wall street and Hollywood folks into all sorts of buzz. And speaking of buzz, macs and Hollywood, BG couldn’t resist passing by this “People Magazine” moment. (All in the sake of research, kids.) Justine Long, (a.k.a — Mac Spokesperson of sorts) is spotted canoodling with Drew. This after they just finished filming, “He’s just not that into you.” Any guesses to how this story… read more »

Apple picking

Apple announced a revised ipod collection –– after all it is fashion week. The Ipod has been re-interpreted as the “touch.” The thinner she gets, the more power she packs. The Nanos are squattier, just like this season’s trend of cropped jackets, and the shuffles colors are more brilliant, like that of Zac Posen’s handbags. And all in time for the upcoming holiday season. Steve, nicely done. Apple also slashed the entry point for the… read more »

Get your socks off

John Mackey of Whole Foods was recently outed for socking his competition — online and anonymously (or so he thought). This whole incident brings up all sorts of issues. His ethicalness, legality of “sock-puppetry” and not to mention – his standing in the community of organic-arugula lovin’ citizens. (Makes ya wanta throw tomatoes at him!) I think the question is, how is it that these things happen in giant public companies, whose images and brands… read more »

Removing the bruise

I survived my first rattle. Yet, I’m injured. I’m sitting here holding an ice pack to my left eye because my acupuncturist prick me a tad wrongly. I left his office yesterday with a slight bruise. This morning I woke up to a lovely crescent shaped mark that cradles my left eye with gem-like colors that migrate between yellow and blue. Yes, sucker punched by my own practictioner. I know, I know, this should be… read more »

More cleavage please

Warning: This is unfiltered stream of unconsciousness brand girl rant…. So just like that… a mere five hour flight, a few Gucci pieces — and this girl is transformed from a LA fashionable writing bum to NYC brand diva, currently reporting live from room 1110 at the Maritime Hotel. Well first it was room 406, but of course there was the habitual room change to the higher floor because just like there can be too… read more »

Defining the prize

Yesterday, a Civil Rights group, performed a funeral to bury the “n- word” in an “effort to persuade black Americans to stop using a variant of the racial slur in hip-hop music, comedy and casual conversation”. Can we – in an effort to stop America’s insatiable need to label everything by a stereotypical sound bite – silently perform a similar ceremony for removing another set of offensive, overly, and poorly used words? Can we bury… read more »

Why – the poofy dress?

I’m at the Viceroy hoping to be taken seriously when I noticed that several of the lunching starlets are all poofed out. How on earth did I miss that? Within Treo seconds, my east coast comrade confirms that simultaneously, poofed women are trotting in-and-out of a Starbuck’s in Greenwich, Connecticut. The texts concur and conclude that each and every one of them looks six months pregnant, which can’t be. Why the waistline that begins at… read more »

Obama girl

Take the Obama girl quiz! Is she: a) just a girl with a crush? b) a girl with a crush and a marketing degree? c) a girl who knows a guy who has a marketing degree and also a crush on the girl? d) funded by the obama campaign? e) brilliant? You decide!! But any way you vote, I am going with e…