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If BG were a Brand Boy…

“If I were a boy, even just for a day, I roll out of bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go…”––from “If I were a boy,” a popular song by Beyonce (a.k.a. SASHA FIERCE). If Brand Girl were a Brand Boy, even for a day, she would roll out of bed in the morning and say what she wanted––and she’d be Jon Stewart. It doesn’t quite work as a pop-song… read more »

Virgin and Entourage – a match made from up above?

The boys are back–and navigating uncharted territory. Ok. It comes as no surprise to “Entourage” fans that Medellin gets passed over at Cannes, which sends our hero Vince (Adrien Grenier) into seclusion—in true Hollywood form—on a remote island to repair his fallen ego with booze and babes… but getting to watch it all happen while on a romp from JFK to Las Vegas? How much fun can a girl (or boy) take? For the launch… read more »

Aren’t we over Apple’s apologies?

Nope, not yet… I woke up the other morning to an email Apple sent out to its universe of users, gifting MobileMe subscribers with a free 60 days of service to make up for recent outages and poor performance. I quote: “We know that MobileMe’s launch has not been our finest hour, and we truly appreciate your patience as we turn this around.” As they’ve shown time and again, apologies work and Apple’s brand keeps… read more »

They gave THAT girl a dollar

Incredibly, lots of them. Fox News reports that one million people have paid as much as $.98 apiece to download Ashley Alexandra Dupré’s (a.k.a Kristen) song from MySpace and the boys are continuing to call… Vodka Brand Wants Call Girl to Be Latest ‘Butt Girl’ In less than a week, the girl that took down Governor Eliot Spitzer has many times, quadrupled her day rate, allegedly earning more than $200k in music sales. The Internet,… read more »

Getting naked

I recently read that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), charged with policing the airwaves (i.e., wardrobe malfunctions), intends to fine 52 ABC stations some 1.4 million for airing a 2003 episode of “NYPD BLUE” that revealed Charlotte Ross’s buttocks as she made her way into a shower. Seems kind of random that Kevin Martin, FCC Chairman (a little trivia here: used to work for Ken Starr of chasing Monica Lewinsky fame) would be cracking down… read more »

Valentine’s is for…

… discoveries. Self or otherwise. Louis Vuitton’s first ad — ever. Enjoy. xo

A Giant win

The only things predictable about the Super Bowl this year, was the commercials. As always, there were lots of them. (And lots with animals. Did you notice that too?) Sad that Tom Brady could not usher in historic wins for both himself and the New England Patriots, but how happy are we for the NY Giants? What a great game! Being called the biggest upset in Super Bowl history, XLII certainly marks a defining moment… read more »

Why Nora Ephron rules

It’s a new year. Despite the fact that the first few weeks of 2008 feels very much like a repeat of ’07 [the writer’s strike in LA still looms (as my sister says, “Thank God for American Idol”), some boy is being reprimanded for getting out of line (this week, it’s Chris Matthews), and the media is tiptoeing around the “r” word as if the kids shouldn’t hear. (I’ve got news for you. We all… read more »

This is a beaut

And just wrong. Paul Janka. “Name rhymes with Wanka.” Casnova or scoundrel? There has been recent press about President’s Bush’s flagellating, abstinence program. Apparently millions of federal government dollars are spent on promoting “no sex” practices till marriage. It has proven ineffective and archaic. On the other hand, Laura Bush promotes safe sex to prevent aids and disease. Many have called the Bush’s on their incongruous efforts. Mix messaging indeed, but the “Wanka” story exemplifies… read more »

An original brand boy

He rocked back then. He rocks today. That boy is welcomed to hang with me, or my walls. Scene: Digital Domain, Venice, CA — “Let it Bleed” book launch. The prints –– ridiculous. The book –– beautifully designed, shot and written. Brilliant. Historical. Captivating. Truly. Unlike a purse puppy (hee) — well-worth the splurge. And the free product placement for Jack Daniels –– priceless.