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Hookup Culture: So Where is this Going?

It happened again. KABOOM. Another promising startup with a “him” ended with a hideous crash, landing a girl squarely on her ego. (C’mon! It bruises so damn easily these days). It was a scene that could’ve been written for the movie Bridesmaids; A girl was dismissed by text, mere hours after intimacy, on New Year’s Eve, by a boy channeling a god awful Jon Hamm. I mean, WOW. Who does that (channel Jon Hamm)? And… read more »

An Iconic New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve been single for more of your life than not, you, too, probably have collected some things you’re not sure you need. Like the pile of expensive lingerie resting in your bureau, several pieces of which you don’t have the guts to wear, except perhaps in darkness, under a hoodie. Like the small army of five-inch heels lined up in the closet, begging to be chosen for that next over-six-foot-two date. Like the small… read more »

The Best Part of Breaking Up

This will be my first Christmas away from family and friends back east. In an attempt to offset any homesickness, I immediately set out to create new memories. My first step was possibly a bit much: I nearly drowned myself in holiday cheer via a constant stream of Christmas tunes on Pandora. Step two was better: I embarked on a mission to get holiday spirit into the house. Literally. Girl needed a tree. In hindsight,… read more »

Djokovic: Finally, a bad boy relationship that works

I fell in love with tennis almost five years ago. I was in Paris. I was supposed to rendezvous with a boy, but that plan never got put into play. In high Parisian style, with the Eiffel looming in the background and a Hermès suitcase propped by my side, I was unceremoniously dumped via text. Now, the boy retained the rights to the pied-à-terre, but the tickets to the French Open, to his dismay later… read more »

Apple: A lifetime romance.

Last month, on the eve of the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4s, coincidentally, I found myself in a bit of a technical mess. Which soon gave way to a personal hot mess. I was desperate enough for a tech fix that I ended up on the phone with an ex-, a man I will refer to here as my Mac Genius (MG). MG is not just any ex-, goodness, no. This one was the Ex-Beau… read more »

Cheating on Mercedes: Or, How I Became a Bimmer Girl

I just relocated. Again. To Los Angeles. Again. As a seasoned nomad recently migrated from New York, city of taxis and car services, I suspected, correctly, that the most tumultuous transition would be the acquisition of a vehicle. (Full disclosure: I hate car dealers even more than contractors.) Predictably, the selection process was easy: I asked a handful of friends for their nods on a 4-door sedan, and the majority ruled in favor of a BMW. I… read more »

Palin Pauses

Bristol Palin, part of the now infamous Sarah Palin household, was recently featured in a new anti-pregnancy, public-service announcement (PSA) launched by The Candie’s Foundation. Neil Cole, CEO of the Candie’s fashion brand, launched The Candie’s Foundation in 2001 after discovering that raising awareness about the consequences of teen pregnancy was an issues niche that is severely underserved by corporate America. Since then, a string of celebrities—from Beyoncé, Ciara, and Jenny McCarthy to Vanessa Minnillo,… read more »

John Mayer. Raw, but real.

I’m guessing that by now, you’re familiar with John Mayer’s infamous interview in Playboy Magazine. Yes, the one in which he refers to Jessica Simpson as “crack cocaine”, coins the phrase “sexual napalm” and confesses to a lusty addiction to pornography. Mayer, in the same unfiltered style, is now hard at work on his “apology” tour, rationalizing some of those “overshares,” as well as asking us not to think of him as another  “a**hole…” Personally, I… read more »

NBC, are you with Coco… or not?

Well, there you have it… the drama NBC primetime has been missing. Another rendition of The Biggest Loser—without the skyrocketing Nielsen ratings or the fab new body, that is. We now know that the experiment by NBC President and CEO Jeff Zucker to move Jay Leno from a successful, lucrative late-night time slot to a one-hour primetime one normally dedicated to drama was a mistake. The related financial gamble—that the cheaper cost of producing talk programming would outweigh any potential drop in… read more »

The trouble with Tiger

The recent revelations of Tiger’s shenanigans have revealed a side of his brand persona that is a far cry from the one that has taken shape organically since he turned pro in 1996, the quintessentially American success story that won him the endorsements of many. His perceived image of strength, precision, and sportsmanship has earned multi-millions—through paid corporate sponsorships (with Gillette, Gatorade, and Nike, among many others) and private donations for his foundation. So the question is,… read more »