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#Birthday #Portrait ©2015 RichardsWhat I love most about my #birthday #portrait is the spontaneity of how it all came together.

First off, receiving these balloons just made my birthday morning. The vibrant colors, the two fish being symbolic of my astrological sign… it’s just the right amount of adult cuteness. And as soon as I saw them, I knew they could work for a project I’m involved in. So. Boom. Before I knew it––I was in art director mode. (I just can’t help myself. Seriously. I would art direct every moment of my life. And of others… if they would allow.)

I knew exactly where they should be shot: against this brilliant black and white striped wall in Beverly Hills. It was drizzling out, so I also knew that my fabulously purple Joseph Ribkoff® rain coat would be perfect. I dusted off a pair of Miu Miu® sandals that matched and hello, there’s your wardrobe. So now I was good to go.


BTW: I forgot how difficult it is to drive around with helium balloons! 😉 They were bopping and bumping around in the back seat of my Bimmer like two-year olds. Despite how much I tried to get them to stay still, they kept bopping and bumping around in the back seat of my Bimmer like two-year olds. I seriously considered putting them in a car seat.

I reached the location awaiting the arrival of friends and attempted to get a clever enough shot by myself. My blue tooth #HISYPIX #SELFIE. Let me tell you, the balloons were getting a lot of attention. It was the equivalent of strolling around with a pair of puppies or newborn twins. I was struggling with them, their audience and the kicked up wind. They were misbehaving and fighting amongst themselves. It was starting to really rain. My ponytail was really falling apart. My creative frustration was really growing. I hadn’t framed the perfect shot. I actually cracked the glass on my iphone 5s in my attempt. I took that as a sign to stop (and get an iPhone 6).

I was just about to put my fish down for a nap when an older gentleman––whom had been watching me with amusement from across the street––approached. My first thought: stalker.



He was trying to assist, but at that point my momentum was lost. I remember distinctly being reminded of how I hated the concept of modeling and acting. My preference was always to be behind the camera.

This charming vintage 2015 Michael Keaton as Birdman read my mind well. He goes to his car and pulls out a real camera.

He comes back and tells me where to stand.

I was making a fuss (Kwas Stare). Although appreciative of his help, I was chilled to the bone, totally annoyed and unbeknownst to him – dealing with a major health issue that truly ached. The last thing I should have been doing was trotting around in the rain, in heels and open toe. I was “done.” Somehow my Birdman snapped off two pics in the process of my internal meltdown.

He nailed it. The colors worked beautifully. He caught the moment.

He asked me if I would be interested in shooting more. Seems he would like to get to know my fish better (a pescaphile?). Luckily for him… my fish are available.


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