Ms. Lyons & Co. are Listening and Delivering

BG_J.Crew-Delivers-WishLast summer, freelance writer Jenni Avins penned an open letter to Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew.  It was published on The Cut. The letter was actually a wistful plea for the company to bring back a basic swimsuit that simply worked for Anvins: the scoop-back tank. And Anvins was very specific in her request. “What I want is smooth, taut fabric that stretches from my shoulders over my chest and ribcage, with hip-high leg holes and an open back to expose my skin to sand, sunshine, and seawater. I want it available in evocatively named colors like hibiscus, marine, and bottle green. (In black, it’s simply unstoppable.)”

What woman can’t relate to having or losing that go-to swimsuit that worked? I still lament over a Calvin Klein two piece that carried me comfortably through a decade of both pool and ocean side summers. The triangle halter top closed neatly in the front with a tiny metallic clasp that sat right between my breasts. The matching boy shorts began perfectly under the navel, ending elegantly under my cheeks (wonderfully hiding many sins). It was adorned with a belt that hung loosely. It too had a metallic clasp, a nice detail. I had it in a black (that was probably unstoppable) and in a blue (that was more powder than a marine). To this day, I’m confused as to how they ever got away. And to this day, no replacement has ever been found. (Yo. Designers at Calvin Klein Swimwear, do you hear me?)

Better than the brilliant case that Anvins presented for the return and need of her favorite suit––was the Jenna Lyon’s response. “I’ll look into it… I’ll keep you posted to when it will arrive.” And magically, nine months later, Ms. Lyons & Co. delivered on the promise beautifully. A suit is born. It’s arrival announced in a two-page advertisement that appeared in this week’s issue of NY Magazine. “Dear Ms. Anvins- your wish is my command… within Reason. Xo. Jenna”

Not only has J.Crew resurrected a favorite for a fan, they have generated much more fan fare for their brand– and for this particular suit. It’s available hereThey are also probably encouraging a general trend for a lot more open letters… and just not about suits.

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