Scripted or Not, Ellen’s Selfie is Oscar Worthy

BG-Ellen-Oscar-SelfieWe now know it as the world’s most famous selfie.
And as perfect as a product placement could be.

Samsung won huge when Ellen DeGeneres used a Galaxy Note 3 to take a photo of herself with several others stars at this year’s Oscar. Samsung may have paid an estimated $20 million for their primetime ads that aired during the broadcast, but it’s Ellen’s selfie that stole the show. DeGeneres predicted this selfie would make history and it did by becoming the most re-tweeted post, beating out Obama’s Reelection tweet in 2012.

Samsung, honoring the priceless promotional value of DeGeneres “spontaneous” selfie, that prompted over 3 million retweets, is said to be donating $3 million total to two of Ellen’s favorite charities.  Nice.



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