Strong. Social thoughts.

I woke up this morning with a strong thought, possibly an usual one for a communications advocate: I was grateful that social media tools were in their infancy a decade ago.

Yes, you can go ahead and slap me. Today’s instant communication platforms might have helped save some of the lives lost during the horrific events of September 11, 2001. And yet still, I’m secretly, somewhat sheepishly relieved to be haunted mostly by the memories of what I witnessed with my own eyes. I’m thankful for what I was spared—tragic, or worse, inane or offensive tweets, texts interrupted mid-message, YouTube videos, manipulated YouTube video mash-ups, endless chatter about tragedy and pain and fear and death, all in real time as the events were still unfolding.

Despite being on the West coast this morning, some 3,000 miles from my beloved home, I can reflect in my own silence as I listen to the chiming of the bells, the pauses of silence, and the reading of the names of all those that died that day. Ringing as loudly and as clearly in my mind, as if I were still sitting in my TriBeCa loft, watching and listening to the ceremony itself pour in from Ground Zero.

So, along with a million other hearts, my heart still aches.
And along with a million others, I will continue to ‘heart’ NY more than ever.

Note: Milton Glaser modified his classic 1975 “I ‘heart’ NY” logo design after the attack in 2001.


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