M&M’s feed more than a craving

Mitz-M&M'sWho says that fashion, eco-friendliness, positive social change, and financial growth don’t mix?

I was in the M&M’s Flagship shop in Times Square hunting for a trinket that would satisfy the insatiable appetite of a chocolate fanatic and was pleasantly surprised to find one that would feed more than a craving––Mitz handbags. Started back in 2003, Mitz is a cooperative in Mexico City that creates job opportunities for its community by transforming recycled plastics of snack wrappers (think M&M’s, Oreo cookies…) into purses and other fashionable accessories. Because of a partnership with Mars Inc., the parent company of M&M’s, some of the “fashionable” Mitz products can now be found in the M&M’s retail stores––fashionable because they’re making a positive difference for our environment, the impoverished community in Palo Solo, Mexico City and for the image of Mars Inc. Learn more about the Mars and Mitz partnership here and about Judith Romano, the firecracker behind the Mitz initiative who truly takes a stand for social change.

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