What’s your policy?

bg_sqpost_no9_liberty.jpgTaking on advertising responsibility–and doing it right.

Imagine yourself being outspent 5 to 1 by your competitors and realizing your customers’ perception of your brand is simply wrong, name recognition zilch, and then to boot, you’re in a category that’s hardly considered sexy. Buying insurance is not a top-of-mind issue for many (although it should be more than ever these days).

However, one insurance company was able to build a unique campaign that turned all those challenges around—how? By building it around the idea of kindness and generosity. Imagine an advertisement that inspired you enough to send a blue-chip company a few bucks to fund its commercial campaign… and then imagine being that corporate giant when that idea actually worked beyond all expectations.

A giant in the insurance business for about a million years (give or take a hundred), Liberty Mutual, like many others, recently found itself in a new sphere of marketing and advertising. They knew it had to create new ways in which to engage with existing and new customers–and find a way to catch up with competitors (nevermind claim a top five position!). Luckily, with the aid of a talented agency, Hill Holiday, Liberty Mutual took to the task. The gist of their messaging had long been “Helping people live safer, more secure lives.” They switched it up a bit and changed it to the next step out: “We just do the right thing.” Washed through the agency’s creative filter, it became a campaign built around responsibility.

Can we say “resonate?” The Liberty Mutual television spots, Responsibility. What’s your policy?, exceeded all expectations when customers and noncustomers reached out to them. And yes, one pleased viewer did send Liberty Mutual $20! It was then that Liberty Mutual knew it had reached its goals and what’s more, had struck gold.

LM had engaged their audience, and now they had a dialogue. They were smart enough to act quickly by putting more means in place to keep the conversation and momentum of ad efforts going. Call it the “trifecta of advertising,” from well-received TV spots to its socially involved and aware online destination, “Responsibility Project,” and a recent partnership with NBC to sponsor more projects that promote and evoke themes of responsibility.

Honestly, it’s enough to make BG cry. Being creative, authentic, and positive.
Oh yeah… and just doing the right thing.

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