“Sex and the City” bags it BIG!


Jam-packed with hair-raising fumbles, tear-jerking saves and the glamest of brands –– they’re calling “Sex and the City” the “Super Bowl” for women. And boy, did it score BIG. The long awaited sequel movie to the original HBO series opened this weekend grossing an unexpected $55.7 million (according to Variety — the best opening ever for an R-rated comedy). This win will no doubt add extra padding and lining to many folks Gucci-like wallets and purses, especially if you’re a little company called Bag, Borrow or Steal.

What started as a mere mention in the script turned into a story line to be the envy of every marketer — and Cinderella. Academy Award-winner Jennifer Hudson who played Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant in the SATC film happens to have an infatuation with handbags –– of the luxury kind. How does a young assistant feed such a craving in the middle of NYC? She rents, of course. Introducing: “Netflix” for the handbag. Bag Borrow or Steal is a service that allows women to lease (temporarily afford) luxury brand handbags and jewelry too (i.e., Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Coach, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton)! And like most lease programs — there’s an option to buy. The brand cameos of Jennifer Hudson cradling a Louis Vuitton while explaining the services of Bag, Borrow or Steal to Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) will be embedded on fashionistas radars forever. Check out the BBS website for the cross promotional efforts. Its product placement that will garner long-lasting impressions for BBS that they could have never, ever afforded or leased on their own. It is exposure that is bound to be priceless –– just like the girls wardrobe in the SATC flick itself.

And speaking of the flick itself, if you expected anything but more of “Sex and the City” — you would’ve been disappointed. (C’mon — it’s the equivalent of a tween getting her Hannah Montana fix.) But for many of us that raided the theaters this weekend (throwing Indiana Jones off his own raid [helleooow. Girl Power!], it was great reminiscing and resonating with the SATC crew’s every decadent and heart wrenching twist –– plentiful of angst, flashbacks and tomorrow’s fashion. But most importantly… and in the end, ALL the girls get what they want — closure.

Oh, and a great way to afford luxury during a recession… now that’s BIG!

BG Soundtrack — 5 stars!

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