She’s channeling Carrie

bg_sqpost_hannah.jpgWhat did you think would happen when Vanity Fair and Annie Leibovitz (both elegant yet R-rated entities) covered Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” fame, (a sometimes G-rated girl and show)? Soft porn people –– artful and mature, but hell, you knew it would be sexy. And I argue that most of the players involved did.

If you actually get beyond the brouhaha of the photographs themselves and read the article — you’ll discover that Miley Cyrus says that Sex and the City is her favorite show. (Is that rated PG? I still trip over some of that Samantha.) As per Vanity Fair, “Miley says her Disney Channel sitcom, Hannah Montana, in which she plays a schoolgirl with a secret life as a rock star, is patterned in part after the former HBO series about women looking for love and hookups in Manhattan. “Obviously not the scenarios,” she explains quickly. “But if you watch Sex and the City, like the way the friends are, the way that it’s dry and they all have distinct characters—that’s a thing we try to do on our show.”

This isn’t any ordinary 15 year old. What we have is another clean case of a young talent sashaying her way up the escalator of stardom and fame, with a few, least than “on-brand” photos cropping up along the way; reminding her audience of her undeniable adolescence — and Miley, of her unmistakable accountability. Yet all of this, strategic or not, smartly positions her “tween-dom” for continued growth. (Hell, 1 billion by 18 is not enough.) And how much longer can we truly rationalize Miley as appropriate viewing for 6-14 year old demographics? (Have you seen that show?)

Will this negatively affect Disney stock or brand? Nope, it will likely spike it up nicely. But it’s a wake up call. I suspect it won’t be long until all the outraged parents that are raising aforementioned ruckus will be dragging their kids to a Disney casting call to be the “next” Hannah Montana or spinoff perhaps.

And Miley — channel Carrie Bradshaw if you must, but not Paris, Lindsay or Britney.
(i.e., No sex tapes. So – many – yesterdays.)

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