Getting naked

I recently read that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), charged with policing the airwaves (i.e., wardrobe malfunctions), intends to fine 52 ABC stations some 1.4 million for airing a 2003 episode of “NYPD BLUE” that revealed Charlotte Ross’s buttocks as she made her way into a shower. Seems kind of random that Kevin Martin, FCC Chairman (a little trivia here: used to work for Ken Starr of chasing Monica Lewinsky fame) would be cracking down (no pun intended) on a show that is no longer on the air, and on a medium of yesterday. But we are in an economical downspin, and I would suspect that even the FCC has a quota to fill. But it did get me thinking, how does the FCC intend to patrol the Internet. I mean, ABC is regulated, but Google is not. And according to another yet to be regulated entity under the FCC’s watch, Lycos, the recent appearance of Lindsay Lohan’s remake of Marilyn Monroe in the New York Magazine’s current Spring Fashion issue (where she practically bares it all) –– “sent search activity for Lohan skyrocketing 700 percent.” Now that’s easy math, and certainly equals a greater exposure rate than any rerun of NYPD Blue could — despite how cute Charlotte’s tush might be.

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