Let’s talk turkey


The only thing that is currently advantageous about the WGA strike, is that you can just about get any table at any restaurant in L.A. Can we say Osteria Mozza? I’m all for folks stepping up for self, and defining boundaries that are grey (especially ones that lean black into the other side’s pocket). But frankly… if the strike does go on much longer, will the short-term loss sustained on a personal level by the picketing crowd make up for the long-term gain? Never-mind the trickle down effect that is already in affect.

My sources tell me that most of the agencies will not be having holiday parties, expense accounts have already been cut, and more unemployed bartenders are prowling the streets with the already unemployed actors, –– and a striking Tina Fey. In other words, the Grinch is coming to town for Christmas. Now, the WGA strike in 1988 did effect the networks with billions of losses, but today with an evolved business model, would they again be vulnerable to such loss? And given our fondness for on-demand entertainment — youtube, Netflix, and Ze Frank –– does their audience really mind a “time-out” on new programming, and the chance to play-catch up on Tivo? And what about the paying sponsors? At recent upfronts, we’ve seen them heavily balk at the pricey prime-time TV media buys as more effective and cost-efficient distribution channels open up. When momentum to the industry was halted during the last strike, among much — we lost Moonlighting. When the smoke finally clears here, will there be trees? Or like the recent fires in southern California, will lands be barren? And if so, where will everyone be planting their seeds?

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