The haunting of pink


Why it’s good. And why it needs to be better.

Yes, it’s halloween, today. The weather appears mild enough encouraging what seems to be truckloads of costumed goblins, ghosts, and (if out west) some variation of democratic candidates, parading around and campaigning for goodies. And so today marks an end to another October, and quite the month we’ve had.

Joe Torres steps down, or if a Yankee fan – is ousted. A woman, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is elected president of Argentina, surely giving Hillary’s camp a rise, in spite of last night’s performance. The dollar is weak, keeping many Brand Girls out of stores and safely at Targets all across America. The better news? Breast Cancer Awareness is at its highest.

Every October brings what seems like hundreds more of companies and brands adopting the “pink ribbon” logo and its efforts to raise funds, awareness and research for breast cancer. Maybe some of these tactics are arguably growing more commercial than philanthropic, but it is doing the job of spreading the word. There’s no escaping the pink ribbon medium and it’s messaging, whether you’re browsing Avon, googling Sheryl Crow or buying a ream of HP copy paper at Staples. It’s all in the name of awareness. But let’s not forget, it’s also about educating — properly.

It appears that despite the rampant run on pink, studies show that ribbon wearing women may not necessarily be as informed as they should. (What!) According to this, “While awareness of breast cancer is high, a new survey released today by the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) reveals potentially critical knowledge gaps among American women.”

It is encouraging to see brands show up for Breast Cancer and other worthy efforts, and to see firsthand that they have the power to positively change the world — but hopefully, we (they) will get better with delivering key information — with every future step, strut or strand. After all, good decisions come from good information.

And folks, be careful out there today. Not too much dumpster-diving into the kids goody bags, pumpkin pies or sugars that you can drink. And ps… nooses are JUST wrong.

Now if you excuse me, I have some Greek tycoon pawing at the door. (*yawn*)
Trick and treating. Or so he says.

I hope he likes pink…
as in ribbon.

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