The new Ugg-ly


Did you feel that vibration across the country earlier today? That was me. I’ve finally released my well-known hate for the many abusers of Uggs. Especially towards the pretty little, big girls who wear the pink boots, whether with dress or sweats, summer or fall. I have made the pink peace. Why? Funny. I had a breakfast meeting and well… a gal pal was wearing Crocs. (Just like Uggs… showing up where they just shouldn’t. I realized then, that there is no winning.) And maybe for her, for color perhaps — it worked to finish off the crisp white blouse and linen pant with the red advanced toe-box ventilating sandal. But frankly, I would have prefer to have seen something non-Croslite on her feet, and maybe a tad more red on the lips. But hate em’ or love em’, Croc-waddling folks are swallowing up our lands, and they’re not just hanging in the garden. We are under attack.

The Crocs story is indeed a powerful one –– posting sales of $45 million last year alone. And those numbers are expected to be higher in 2007, given they have since released over 30 new styles. Whether on three-year olds, their playmates, or their mom’s — Crocs are inescapable and global. Some are calling the Croc invasion a fashion trend. I use the word fashion lightly here, but it is indeed a trend. Spreading even quicker then Keds did back in early 1990’s — no doubt due to the power of the internet today. Unlike the stylish Keds, I think the Croc trend speaks less to fashion, but more to being a universe of insatiable consumers. Always hungry for what’s new, newer and next. After all, early adopters aren’t only limited to the i-phone.

It’s hard to know if Crocs will stay around, or fade out like the jelly sandal. But seeing the strength of their marketing efforts, ungodly audience appeal, and future brand extensions that include clothing, I suspect the new ugg-ly’s may linger longer in my universe than wanted. But like all trends, only time will tell if they can carry their weight.

And speaking of weight — do you want a real reason to hate the funny looking Crocs? According to National childhood obesity experts, the cloppers are hurting our kids!! Just reportin.’

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