Slim pickings

So last week, I was an almighty scrubbed up diva holding court in NYC — fending off too much service, sushi and love. And today, an elder sister — holed up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with an immediate family count that hoovers at 30 — and a woman forced to barter for essentials. It is indeed a lovely beach front home with many desired amenities (hello elevator), but a bedroom count that well… sleeps less. And with this group, neither the amount of Gucci or money you throw holds weight. Just like the open box of Devil Dogs or insane Nutty Bars on the kitchen counter — last person in, gets last picks — if any. So to the amusement of the group, I bunked with the youngest of the childfolk. And yes, I slept on a bunk. Plus side was that the six of us had our own Pacman arcade AND, in exchange for the use of my laptop (to support their Webkinz habit), this rock star aunt got the bathroom all to herself.

Once settled, the six of us made our way to the heart of the kitchen for the afore-mentioned snacks and nestled among the ungodly amounts of many childhood fat-filled carbs was Alli.


Yes, the first FDA approved fat blocker was in the house. I’ve seen the displays as I troll the aisles of Rite Aid in Los Angeles — the capital of ubber-thin folks (where pyschologically I can still feel that my years of eating too many Oreos as a child are still nicely embedded in my thighs). So seduced by the possibility of enjoying free-flowing handfuls of Dibs like my bunkmates, I immediately reclaimed my laptop.

Here’s the string and the skinny…

Here’s where my dieting ends…

… and where the fun begins as my laptop was again confiscated by the Webkinz loving crowd.

o OOo Paris. *sigh*

I think, that for today’s diet, a glass of Champagne would work nicely with one of those Dove covered strawberries on the counter. ;> Happy summer living folks!

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