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Warning: This is unfiltered stream of unconsciousness brand girl rant….

So just like that… a mere five hour flight, a few Gucci pieces — and this girl is transformed from a LA fashionable writing bum to NYC brand diva, currently reporting live from room 1110 at the Maritime Hotel. Well first it was room 406, but of course there was the habitual room change to the higher floor because just like there can be too much Skybar filtering through your curtains at the Mondy, there can be too much Hiro streaming through the walls at the Maritime. Courtney Love performed last night, and as I move from being less Carrie to more Oprah – girl must distance herself from such ‘love.’ It’s all good though because the views from the higher floors are amazing. I’m also happy to report that the humidity in NYC has broken – and the breezes that are pouring in rival the cashmere inducing ones that I left behind in Santa Monica…

…just yesterday… as I was cadoodling with a young media hottie (art: insert green floating hearts here) over psychology, politics and yellowtail. But today, nestled in a cement garden with fellow media peeps and being quizzed about — a) biz, b) boys, c) when are you moving back? And — d) are you sure you’re not botoxing?

Good lord — where are the boundaries!!! Whether lunching with nyc pals, or discussing biz in Santa Monica with pr junkies — they all want more and they want deeper deets. So this morning as I’m pondering over this question of how much to expose (it’s like deciding between a padded bra or not), — on cue, as the universe continues to deliver material to both my doorstep and fingertips, an ex ex ex ex ex Mr. Sometimes, (think older, cashed out ad executive feigning screenwriter with clearly too much time on his hand) – emails me this. First let’s just say, it is crazy what he emails me. But what is crazier is what people are willing to expose of themselves. So as dark, twisty and raw as we can all go, I wonder, how does this affect the world at large? Everyone is ranting and revealing — and we are turning on each other to amuse and entertain. Yet, this marketing queen knows — as I know you do too — that we all tend to spin and blend — and polish it up. Hell, it is entertainment. Or is it? So the question is: how far am I willing to go? Hmm.

Thought bubble: Should I write more about my desire to devour the young media hottie (a.k.a. blonde surfer stud who’s stirring visions of sandy-coated green or blue-eyed babies at the beach) — as it is also stirring the cougar within? Do I write about yet – another LA Beverly Hill boy blowing smoke? One that was moving to slap a ring on a girls’ finger just to see her off the market? (For him, it would be the equivalent of a studio throwing money at a project to keep it in development hell so that no other buyers can sniff around –– while the studio buys time to decide whether they [he] wanted it [her] or not?) Do I go on about the gazillion of agents chasing me… lol. Ok, maybe not a gazillion – but you get my drift.

So yes, I can cut closer to the bone, but do I dare expose this in all its brilliance as I’m thinking out loud? And then should I be afraid that anyone of them (and they know who they are), could read this blog, misconstrue and get rattled? Or at some point this info, freely orbiting in the media universe at my own hand, could be used against me? Hell, let’s say one day I should decide to run for office? I mean someone has to give that girl a run for her money. lol

I don’t have the answers, but I’ll tell you what – I have more… embellished or not — but that’s as much as you will get until — I —- (halted by ringing treo)…
Now excuse me. There’s “someone” waiting for me downstairs. ;>

And hello – girl does not botox (yet)!!!
Must be those cool LA winds… xo

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