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I know, I know. I should be giving my limited blog time to something more deserving like the presidential debate… or good lord, what will become of our beloved Tony? But how could I resist posting what will likely be one of the most infamous photos of the decade?

Does Paris Hilton deserve jail time or not? I will hold my silence, but this morning, the almighty foursome of “The View” now powered with a D-lister, ruminated over the evil and good of Ms. Hilton. Interesting… Paris has chosen not to up her thread-sheet count, but instead takes a hard cell in a Los Angeles county jail. She does this with hopes that she will lessen the flood of hate mail and press from the world at large. Paris is allegedly upset and confused over the animosity that swirls around her. (Hmmm.) Who really knows the woes of a Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or poor Britney for that matter. But one thing this Brand Girl has learned, is the only thing we can seemingly control, whether brand or girl –– is our behavior. Situations are situations, but the drama, high or low, is well… usually ours. It can be tough. In defense, I do now understand how difficult it can be to stay sane and real while running around in the vacuum of all things that are beautiful, entertaining and surreal in L.A. It’s crazy, but after awhile you can begin to believe your own exhaust. (Hello – LA LA land.) Maybe a little jail time for Paris will be the very thing she needs. (Look what a time-out did for Martha Stewart.) But as a very wise guru of mine says, “it’s okay to live in LA. Just don’t let LA live in you!”

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