Imus, as in Don…


… as in Donald, like the duck?
Duck, as in duck down, as in avoid?

What do you think of the Imus controversy? Imus mis-used his pulpit, slamming the Rutgers womens’ basketball team. Mel Gibson has done it twice – first lashing out at the police, then at a Central American studies professor during an Apocalypto screening (honestly, Mel, a *professor*?). MTV reality wannabe bad boy Jason Whaler also gave it to the cops with a double order of racism and homophobia. BG thinks that when you’re on the pulpit — as a 30-year radio veteran addressing a loyal audience, as a superstar acting and directing talent speaking to students as an authority figure, as a teenybopper heartthrob, even as an overserved frat boy in a Winnebago — you have to be accountable for your actions. I’m all for freedom of speech – but if you choose to use your freedom for the powers of evil, instead of the powers of good, you’d best be ready to accept the consequences.

My advice? The Kwas power pause (patent pending). Oddly enough, I didn’t realize that my scanning and accessing the situation before entering a room or meeting, or even before answering a question, was later identified as a “power pause” – a deliberately placed one, no less! I must confess that this “genius” move was hardly genius. It was something I learned and practiced since childhood, as it was my job (as the eldest sister) to count heads at most family outings. I instinctively learned to count heads without the bob of my own – with just the deliberate move of the ever-so-green sharp eyes. It’s much like the way the old-school film divas learned to descend a flight of stairs without looking down. Years later, this skill transcended its way to quickly accessing a situation, to shifting that Cosabella out of harm’s way, even talking one’s self off the ledge.

Let’s face it, rockstar or duck, we all have our moments. And making a moment to breathe and think is a good thing. Media moves too fast today folks — so when the tapes are rolling, you’d best make sure your brain in is drive.

Now, excuse me while I proof before posting…

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