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bg_sqpost_drphil.jpgSpending: In the Computer Dating Game, Room for a Coach

Ok, I read the article and thought, I could do that. I’ve done it outright for my friends, I’ve done it in my head for the people I’ve browsed (my browsing is all in the name of research, as the dating site *makes* all their ad partners register. Really. It is!). It’s branding, plain and simple, and branding yourself in the name of love – a charge close to my own heart.

But, why redo profiles of other people, when I’ve taken a stand against participating, myself? Listen, I’m all for better co-mingling through technology. But as a branding professional, I know that often, what’s pictured on the bag of chips bears little resemblance to what’s reflected in the ingredient list. Your potential partners may be sizing you up in mere seconds, pro or con, based on the horse on your shirt or the bottle in your hand. Should you maybe not be hugging your Garfield the Cat* stuffed animal in your on-line photo? Yes, yes… I too can Dr. Phil you about sending the right signals and actively customizing your message for your marketplace. But how about feeling the presence of the people you might be dating?

My astrologer says – among other things – that as a Pisces, I am possessed of a natural urge to swim in opposing directions, Yin & Yang. And as if my quest for an earth mate isn’t difficult enough, my astrologer goes on: “You are a stronger man than most men you will meet. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are a whole lot of woman.” Ok, so maybe you have to know how to both box and dance to date me… but isn’t it all about being in the ring and doing the rounds – yourself?

For some dating is a sport, and as the article suggests — a business: arming you to hunt, conquer and kill. But what if you’re in it for more than fresh kill? You can hire as many fabulous stylists, makeover artists, and dating coaches as you want. But at the end of the endless dates, it’s going to be just you and your significant other, sitting on the couch in your PJs.

So: Rock that coaching all you want. But what you do, do it for yourself.

(*Unless, of course, you are are furry orange on the inside… then snuggle away on that Garfield!)

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