My grammy moment

… was not when the somewhat controversial Dixie Chicks swept top awards as potentially some political power play by the Academy. Nor was it when the reunited “Police” performed for the opening act, but that was a close second.

No, my grammy moment was when the ultimate brand girl – JT, Justin Timberlake, “you-tubed” himself during his performance — check yt today and I bet that hundreds upon hundreds of high school kids have copied him. It’s a nod to his d*ck in a box success. It wasn’t even a flattering shot from a beauty perspective – but it was a beautiful career move. Even Rupert Murdoch, owner of youtube rival myspace, acknowledged last week at the Media Summit in New York (which I still hate that I missed!), that yt was “hypnotic” but questioned how it would monetize. In JT’s performance, he both put the “hyp” in hypnotic and — you watch — boosted his sales.

It pays to have a thing for younger men.
I’m just sayin’.

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