LWK 12: Peace, love fills any GAP

Okay kids, it’s the holiday season marking an end to another year, and how exhausted are we?

And although it’s a good time to bring smiles to the ones we love with a (free-flying) Wii or a Tiffany rock perhaps, sought after or not, remember that a note to a friend from long ago or a simple *kiss* may be all that’s needed – no purchase required.

Yet for all those wall street banker types newly flushed with cash, I urge you to consider filling up someone else’s holidays before running out to drown yourself silly with a lavish pour. Believe me you, I’m all about double-digit pours, but there are spills out there that will make a bigger splash and be less painful than a $15,000 hangover! However, if still desiring a champagne spoil, Brand Girl is not only smart, sexy and instructive – but hello, available! Afterall, no one should ever drink alone! Ever! lol

Whether channeling Kwas, Brand Girl or Barbara, I love you all, and in honor and spirit of the Gap, the Hoodie and my boy Common, and along with my team, want to wish each and every one of you the warmest of holidays possible.


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