Little Miss Bliss (All Over)


I’m at a networking party and this bubbly, dark-haired and very happy, young lady struts right up to me front and centered and blurts, “do you think its funny that we look alike! And that we are both at the same party…!” (I, of course, just answered with the infamous brand girl stare which truly says everything, in that loving kind of way.)

In need of a little happiness? Can we have that in a bottle? Check out Aymee Coget’s “Make Me Happy TV“. She has certainly coined a niche here with her handle, and well-spouted expertise on happiness. She is currently working on her PHD in positive psychology and as importantly… on getting a tv-show. There’s something very sweet about her desire and her site.

((But please note that it’s not a G-rated show. Most blog entries seem to start with a photo of her in something bra-like. I guess soft porn apparently makes people happy. Or is it for the effect of getting a show? Amy, look alike or not, Brand Girl does wonder…))

Yet, in the spirit of making my time in LA more “happy,” I decided to embark on my own form of happiness (and maybe to some – soft porn). I took the benz out to make my way to Ventura Blvd for finally – some tango. And… 95 minutes later (traffic), I showed up an hour late for a two hour class, that apparently is now only an hour. But I met the instructors and approved. And well that was that. Otherwise, it’s in a strip mall. There were 10 people in total. Hell, this is Sherman Oaks.

And then I had a dark moment – and for a split second – I thought, that even worst than marrying the ex-husband that I can hardly remember or if quickly pressed, name, was the mistake of moving to LA without a finite plan or at least Tango in or near my hood. (Mios Dios!).

But luckily I caught myself, and immediately channeled Little Miss Bliss herself, her moodra’s (one of the 12 Secrets of Sustainable Happiness) and then realized that I can do bubbly too. And preceded to treat myself to some bubbly while I ponder things like… should Brand Girl show more clevage and hello… does Amy really look like me?

btw: Brand Girl favs:

Le Reve

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