LWK 11: Where’s your focus?


Kwas: In the cards?
Do we love the wickedness of autumn in New York, Halloween or what? It’s a wonderful time when the little chipmunks (within) are dressing up as ghouls and in vamp boots, parading about tricking or treating. It’s also a time to catch our breath between the just ending rush of fall-into-September madness, and the fast approaching march of year-end craziness, holidays and all. For many, it’s a good time to take note of what worked, and didn’t – and I’m not just talking about tight skinny jeans or tapped out boardrooms. So when better to sound out your brand with a Brand Girl Reading than now. Like Fergie, Kwas (a.k.a. Brand Girl, a.k.a. me) has been pulling a little solo act of her own, and continues to visualize new ways to stay on her brand: helping folks conjure up messaging that’s clear, creative and consistent. No crystal ball, just an innate mastery of what looks good and an uncanny sense for forecasting what’s next. Get focused. Try out a reading, and if necessary, she’ll even bring out the cards.

Branding: Is it seeing stars?
It’s no secret that celebrity endorsements are a very good way to boost your company’s value. (In fact, it’s been suggested that this Brand Girl should attached herself to such. For the record, she has attached herself to such: George Clooney. The only thing is that he just doesn’t know it. Is that wrong…?) Yes, we as marketers have known that aligning yourself to an A-Lister can certainly give you instant credibility and audience. But celebrities are fast recognizing that their power is indeed their own, and are using their clout accordingly. And I’m digging deeper than Paris Hilton here. Check out Bono’s effort with Bobby Shriver, chairman of DATA: Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa. RED is a big win because it plays on multiple levels and creates flush pockets other than their own.

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